Firefighters left furious after being 'heavily delayed' by car 'making quick delivery' parked in front of station | The Sun

FIREFIGHTERS were left furious after being "heavily delayed" by inconsiderate parking.

A BMW parked right in front of the doors at Oxford fire station left frustrated firefighters stuck inside the building and unable to race to an urgent job.

The silver car was photographed abandoned in the middle of the Slade Park Fire Station exit road.

A spokesperson from Slade Park Fire Station said: “Unfortunately this evening our crews were heavily delayed attending a fire call due to some extremely inconsiderate parking.

“We found a car parked on our forecourt ‘making a quick delivery. Some very strong words of advice were given to the driver, although unfortunately this is not the first time, and we are sure this is not the last time we will have to deal with such a situation.”

Oxfordshire Fire and Rescue Service added: “Please park considerately. Delays like this can kill.”

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Members of the public have called the BMW driver "stupid" and blasted them with criticism.

One commented: "Show the number plate and push it out of the way with the fire truck.

"If you are really that stupid this is what you should expect for parking there, wot a thickie!"

A paramedic has also expressed their frustration at motorists who leave their cars in ambulance-only spaces at hospital car parks.

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They went on to explain how they have taken matters into their own hands, saying: "I had to block the Drop-Off bays to pick up my patient."

According to the furious ambulance driver, one motorist in a white Toyota Aygo even shouted at them when they were asked to move.

Someone commented: "*ssholes who do this, need to have their cars crushed."

In Birmingham, one car owner parked their vehicle so badly they could be facing a driving ban.

The car was left straddled across the pavement twice, blocking the walkway, and has been described by police as "selfish" and "dangerous."

It was reported the driver already has nine penalty points on their licence which means only three more points would trigger disqualification.

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