‘Fits right in with my lifestyle’ Mum shares simple way she can make up to £800 each month

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One mother has found a way to make around £800 extra each month to supplement the household income. Anna-Maria, 57 is a housewife and cares for her children who have special needs.

She has been able to use Shepper to boost the household intake as her husband is their main source of income.

Shepper is an app through which the users can go into their local shops and essentially do ‘secret shopper’ type tasks for small amounts of money.

Anna-Maria spoke exclusively with Express.co.uk, on how she has been able to make this extra money.

She said: “Being able to earn this extra income has boosted my personal confidence.

“Taking care of my children has prevented me from continuing my career path, so using Shepper gives me independent purpose and has helped me make friends.

“I appreciate my community a lot more too.”

Anna-Maria explained that she uses the extra cash on her children most of the time so they can afford some items they want and she can treat them.

Britons may find saving very challenging at the moment because there are always new bills when it comes day to day life, children, or something unexpected might happen at home with different appliances.

Finding a side hustle that someone can enjoy and make money from can be vital for some families as it it will allow for some breathing room and space to build an emergency fund.

Anna-Maria said: “Depending on childcare, I can earn between £700-800 each month.

“The money is always spent on buying things for my children, so that I can provide them with ‘extras’ that they don’t necessarily need.

“These are things such as a sensory day, without having to cut into the monthly essentials budget.

“Since the cost of living crisis I now find myself more actively searching for jobs.

“Myself and my husband also recommend Shepper to peers who we also hear are struggling to cope with the rising cost of living because it can be a great help.”

As a mother, Anna-Maria is always looking for simplistic ways she can make money that won’t take too much time away from her children.

She can appreciate the simplicity of crowdsourcing data, which Shepper essentially is.

Crowdsourced data collection allows researchers to more easily reach people and places, giving researchers insight into local markets, or events. Researchers may crowdsource data collection via a number of platforms including mobile apps or internet marketplaces.

Anna-Maria highly recommended Shepper to Britons who may need to make an extra bit of cash as people can manage this themselves and be their own boss.

She continued: “I love Shepper because you can manage it yourself and it helps you familiarise yourself with a local area.

“I’m not particularly teccy, but I found the app to be very user-friendly, clear, and without a hidden agenda.

“Not only do I genuinely find it enjoyable to do, but it also fits right in with my lifestyle so I don’t have to stray from my day-to-day life to make it work for me.”

As the cost of living puts a financial squeeze on many families, this could be a way to seek alternate ways to supplement income every week.

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