Five easy methods to stop black jeans fading in the wash

Daily Express shares washing machine cleaning hacks

Black jeans require a lot of dye to achieve their dark appearance, which washes out slowly over time with each wash. They can also lose colour if exposed to lots of height and sunlight, and if they’re not being washed correctly, they can turn a dark grey colour. There are many different ways to take care of black jeans however, to help prevent them fading quickly.

1. Don’t overdo the tumble dryer

If you ever feel unsure whether to use a tumble dryer or not, always opt to air dry clothing including jeans.

Technologists at M&S Menswear explained: “A tumble dryer isn’t appropriate for every piece of clothing. Before shoving everything in the dryer, please take the time to go through your denim, check the labels and untangle each piece.

“Over time, tumble drying can damage the elastane fibres that give denim their stretch, and irreplaceable damage could mean that the jeans won’t hold their original shape.

“It’s best for them to dry naturally instead whenever possible, but if you do have jeans that can be put in the tumble dryer, be sure to check the heat level.”

2. Turn jeans inside out before washing

Although this may be one of the most common tips for washing jeans, it is often forgotten when rushing to put them in the machine.

Regardless of whether your jeans are new or old, “you must always” turn them inside out before placing them in the washing machine.

The experts said: “This helps minimise abrasion that causes fading as well as the wear that can happen along the hems, pockets and edges of your jeans.

“It is also important to zip up zippers and fasten buttons and snaps, as this helps keep the jeans in shape and prevents snagging other items in the wash.”

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3. Make sure you’re using the right products

Whether Britons prefer powders, gel or pods, using the right products on jeans is a great way to keep them from fading and in tip top condition.

This includes picking a detergent designed to preserve the colours as these contain ingredients to help the denim hold onto dyes and to counteract the chlorine in the water which can fade colours.

The pros noted: “If you usually opt for powder, you must remember that it may not dissolve fully during cooler cycles and that there’s a high chance you could over-do it on the dosage, as well as leave a sticky residue.”

Liquid detergents tend to be the best way to go for jeans as they have a great scent and are good for pre-treating tough stains.

4. Wash jeans with same coloured clothing

The experts continued: “Most people already know that mixing light and dark colours together in the washing machine may cause the colours to bleed.

“Well, this same phenomenon occurs when washing jeans and dark colours together too.

“So, if you’re trying to keep your jeans looking light and bright, you should either wash them separately in their own load or wash them with similar light-coloured clothes.

“Similarly, if you’re trying to darken your jeans you can wash them with black or dark coloured clothing items.

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“Following this otherwise simple rule will go a long way in protecting the colour of your jeans.”

5. Use the correct temperature

Washing black jeans on a cooler temperature can help them to stay blacker for longer, which is ideal if washing them on their own.

The cold water actually helps to trap the black dye inside the fabric and prevents colour bleeding.

Washing jeans on a hot temperature, no matter the colour, can lead to fading and shrinkage issues, so washing on a 20C to 30C is best.

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