Five weirdest places to put your Wi-Fi router revealed – and they're making your internet speed worse | The Sun

WHERE you put your Wi-Fi router is critical to how well your internet service performs.

Dumping the box next to your TV is a common mistake that can affect Wi-Fi speeds.

TalkTalk has revealed a whole bunch of weird places people put them, including in boiler cupboards and on top of radiators.

As well as disrupting your internet, some spots could be dangerous too.

"The placement of your router can have a big impact on the reliability of your home Wi-Fi," said TalkTalk’s tech guru, Martin Wren-Hilton.

"To get the most from your connection, place your router in a central location, off the floor and facing into the room with no obstacles or appliances nearby.

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"This will help to optimise your Wi-Fi signal and maximise coverage."

1. Boiler cupboard

While the boiler cupboard may be ideal for your towels, it's not a good spot for your Wi-Fi router.

It's far too hot here for your box and risks overheating it.

2. Slotted in the row of books in a bookcase

Some people have tried to make their Wi-Fi router look like a book on a book case.

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All these thick objects can block the signal from reaching out.

3. On top of a radiator

Placing your router on a radiator is a really bad choice.

Not only will the heat disrupt the signals, it's a fire risk too.

4. Under a box in the hallway

Your router needs space to spread its wings.

A box in the hallway does not allow it to reach its full potential.

5. On top of a microwave

Microwaves leak out harmless levels of non-ionising radiation.

While it won't hurt you, it will affect the signal coming off your Wi-Fi.

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