Flat owners having problems with their Amazon deliveries discover little-known Ring accessory could be the answer | The Sun

THERE'S a way to make sure your parcels aren't left out in the cold and can be delivered straight to your door – even if that's 12 floors up.

It all lies with a little-known intercom gadget from Amazon-owned Ring (which is half price until 5 June).

The Ring accessory lets users living in flats unlock the entrance of their building remotely from the Ring app.

But it goes a step above that in allowing users to allow time-bound, verified access for Amazon deliveries – even when they user isn't home.

When the delivery driver arrives at your building entrance, they will request entry via the Amazon Delivery App, which will authenticate the driver, route and time of request.

Once verified, the delivery driver will get time-bound access to the building.


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After the delivery is complete and their time-bound access has expired, the driver will be unable to re-enter.

If they’re not verified, no access will be given.

The feature "enables Amazon packages to be delivered securely inside the building, removing the need to wait at home for parcel deliveries," Ring says in an FAQ on its website.

However, it's important to note that you may need permission from your landlord or building residents before setting it up.

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This is because if you choose to enable Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries, all residents in your building will also receive verified, time-bound Amazon deliveries inside the building.

While this means your neighbours can also enjoy parcels delivered to their front door, they may prefer to pick it up from the lobby or might not shop with Jeff Bezos' marketplace.

Residents can individually choose their own preferred delivery instructions through their Amazon account.

"On arrival inside the building, the Amazon delivery driver will follow the delivery instructions indicated in the parcel recipient’s Amazon account," Ring explained.

"If the recipient has requested for the parcel to be left inside the building in a safe space, the Amazon delivery driver will comply with this request."

Whether you go for it or not, remember you can always deactivate the Auto-Verify for Amazon Deliveries feature via the Ring app at any time.

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