Furious drivers up in arms as resident chains wheelie bin to road to stop people parking – but locals think it's genius | The Sun

FURIOUS drivers have been left stunned after a crazy resident padlocked a wheelie bin to the road to save a parking spot.

Suhad Miah blasted the resident's "selfish" attempt to keep the spot free, while other local people have called the cheeky bin trick absolute "genius".

Suhad, 40, had been invited to a friend's wedding and was left roaming the congested streets looking for a parking space, before spotting the bin chained to the road.

The one remaining gap outside his friend's home in Handsworth, Birmingham, was the bay that had the wheelie bins blocking the access.

Suhad told The Sun: "That road is really bad for parking, you can't even drive down it – it's a nightmare.

"It is a congested area – but this was something different."


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But as he attempted to move the black bin blocking his way, he was left in disbelief after discovering it had been tethered to the ground.

The motorist said it had been bizarrely secured by a padlock and was confined by a metal chain that had been drilled into the ground.

Suhad, who works as an analyst for DPD, explained: "I tried moving the bin, I just thought, okay, someone has put it in the middle of the road, but it pulled my arm back.

"I thought 'What's happening here?' I flipped the bin at an angle and I see it's been bolted to the ground. I just thought 'Oh my days'."

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The unbelievable attempt at saving the parking space sparked fury amongst residents of the already crowded street.

The 40-year-old continued: "My friend who lives opposite said it's been a nightmare with the wedding.

"Getting a limousine outside the house has been really difficult too. I posted about the bin for a laugh thinking, I've seen it all now."

The bemused wedding guest also claimed had seen locals put out cones and even sofas to protect their parking spaces.

A spokeswoman from Birmingham City Council said: "We would ask people to park considerately and respect all road users, and using a wheelie bin to reserve a space on the highway could be deemed an obstruction of the highway."

After sharing a video of the obstacle comically fastened to the street, it ignited a fierce debate between territorial locals.

I flipped the bin at an angle and I see it's been bolted to the ground. I just thought 'Oh my days'.

Neighbour Ewell Thomas, 42, said: "I don't think it's right to chain the bins to the road.

"There are spaces to park but some residents want to be able to park directly outside their house.

"If I can't find a space, I'll just park on another road nearby," the butcher explained. "It doesn't bother me."

Another added: "This is causing an obstruction on the highway. Too many road accidents are caused by leaving such items in the road."

But other residents have praised the placement of the bin, dubbing it "genius".

One wrote:  "I give this person 10/10 for coming up with this!"

While another chimed in: "I don’t blame them, that road is crazy for driving through, never mind parking there."

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A third added: "The roads round here are all like this.

“I’ve parked a few doors down and I don’t mind walking a bit to get to the house. People are always arguing about parking round here."

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