‘Game changer’ method to get crease-free clothes in ‘5 minutes’ without ironing

Lynsey Crombie shows off time-saving ironing hacks

Ironing is one of the most tedious household chores there is, with some items taking so much longer to iron than others. To eliminate the need for an iron and ironing board, Mrs Hinch fans have shared a method they claim to be a “game changer”. All this hack involves are a few ice cubes and a tumble dryer.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Sarah Cole asked: “I despise having to iron shirts. How do you guys get away with not ironing.”

While lots of clothes can go without being ironed like joggers, jumpers and cardigans, other items need de-creasing in order to be wearable.

The post received over 300 comments, with the majority suggesting that Sarah use her tumble dryer instead and add ice cubes to it.

The majority of the group member in the comments claimed to no longer use their irons after testing out this hack for themselves.

Sammie Morris said: “Tumble dry with a handful of ice cubes, then hang up. I haven’t ironed in over four years.”

Jean Holt wrote: “I take mine out of the washing machine and immediately tumble dry with ice. Most clothes need no ironing.”

Donna Campbell commented: “Once rinsed put the clothes in the dryer for five minutes with some ice cubes and hang straight away. Absolute game changer. Crease-free in no time.”

Jenny Knight said: “Add a few ice cubes with the clothes in the tumble dryer, then get them straight out when still hot and hang them up.”

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Jenette Yardley wrote: “Gentle spinning in the washing machine. Hang nicely, then tumble dry for five minutes with some ice in the drum and hang up.”

Sophie Reid said: “I don’t own an iron. I hang them up to dry then with some ice, tumble dry for five to ten minutes. This softens the clothes and removes remaining creases.”

Miranda Parsons commented: “I put some ice cubes in the tumble dryer with my clothes for five minutes after they have dried on the line or on the airer.  

“This makes them soft and then I fold straightaway. I only iron my son’s new t-shirts, to prevent them from shrinking.”

The idea behind using ice cubes in the tumble dryer is that when the ice melts, the created steam can de-wrinkle the clothes.

But the trick is to not overcrowd the dryer, and instead just have a few items of clothing, as it works best when there’s extra room.

For those who want to ensure their clothes stay wrinkle-free, hang them up on a hanger immediately after getting them out of the dryer.

This will ensure they stay smooth, and try to avoid folding them so they don’t crumple up again.

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However, those who do not have a tumble dryer or just do not want to use them can instead lay a wrinkled item on a flat surface and put a damp towel on top of it.

Pressing down on the damp towel will help to smooth out the creased area. Households just need to allow the clothes to dry before they can be worn.

Hairdryers are also a great alternative to ironing. Simply hang the wrinkled item up and blow dry it.

Alternatively, a spray bottle filled with water can be used. The water can either be plain or mixed with fabric softener. Hang up the wrinkled item and spray the garment from 12 inches away. The wrinkles should disappear as the clothes dry.

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