‘Game changer’: Mrs Hinch fans shares ‘cheap’ tip to clean washing machine seal

Mrs Hinch uses washing machine cleaning hack to remove dirt

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Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, made a name for herself after posting cleaning tips online. Currently with over four million Instagram followers, the guru is inspiring others with hacks to clean their homes. Now fans of the cleaning enthusiast have taken to creating their own Facebook groups dedicated to sharing hacks.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, one woman wanted to know how to get a “horrid stain” out of her washing machine.

She wrote: “I dry my machine out after every wash and remove the drawer and replace it when it’s dry.

“I leave the door open for hours but I still get this horrid stain on the rubber seal.

“Any ideas what would remove it without damaging it?”

It is typically recommended that washing machines go through a cleaning cycle once a week, depending on how often it is used.

If it isn’t being used very often, once a month is perfectly adequate.

Fortunately, many group members took to the comments to share their washing machine cleaning tips.

Some cleaning enthusiasts recommended using natural household products, whilst others advised buying chemical products from the supermarket.

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Someone else commented: “I layer kitchen roll on the seal, soak with bleach, shut the door and leave for 24 hours.”

Another wrote: “Neat bleach on kitchen towel, leave for a couple of hours and then wipe away.

“Try to leave the door open if you haven’t got little ones.

“After every wash just give your seals a wipe over with a damp cloth and it will stop build-up.”

Some Mrs Hinch fans were worried about using bleach and asked whether it would “ruin the rubber”.

One woman replied: “You should only need to do it once, then make sure that you dry round the rubber seal after every use.”

Other group members recommended using soda crystals.

Another cleaning enthusiast said: “I use soda crystals with every wash. I started doing this after seeing a tip on here.

“It really does work. Mine looks like new. It’s definitely a game changer.”

Soda crystals are ideal for tackling stubborn odours, which make them perfect to use in your washing machine.

A key property they have is prolonging the life of your washing machine by preventing limescale build-up

Plus, they are extremely cheap to pick up from your local supermarket and stores such as Home Bargains.

Someone else added: “Wipe after use with Zoflora, making sure it’s left dry.”

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