Get ‘streak-free’ windows that ‘sparkle’ using ‘holy grail’ method

Windows can quickly accumulate dirt from dust in the air, birds flying by and bugs taking refuge. For this reason they should be cleaned regularly to improve the look of a home and allow more natural light to enter. In search for tips to get “streak-free” windows, one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page.

Sharon Lloyd wrote: “What does everyone use to get streak-free windows? I’m so rubbish with glass, especially windows and mirrors.”

Rather than typically suggesting a cleaning spray designed for windows, Mrs Hinch fans recommended using a household staple many rave about – white vinegar.

However, rather than buffing the white vinegar in with a microfibre cloth, group members recommended using some newspaper.

Mary Sheen said: “Vinegar and newspapers make a lovely job of windows. You’ll never look back.”

Debbie Morris commented: “Just white vinegar and then use newspaper, I swear by it. This is my holy grail way to get windows that sparkle and are steak-free.”

Paula Pettet said: “White vinegar solution then wipe off with scrunched up newspaper.”

Angela Little wrote: “Vinegar and newspapers the best or kitchen roll.” In response, Val Laidlaw said: “Definitely dry with newspaper. Brilliant finish.”

Ann O’Callaghan said: “I’ve just started using white vinegar and it’s great, give it a go.”

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Julie Wilkins added: “Make sure you dry it off with scrunched up newspaper, that’s the best for streak-free [results].

Caroline Kilbey commented: “Vinegar and warm soapy water, then I dry of with old newspaper.”

Karen Llamas recommended: “Use white vinegar and newspaper, never a cloth, or you’ll always have streaks.”

Before cleaning windows, it’s very important to dust them. If this step is missed, bits of dust and dirt will stick to the window and could scratch it.

It’s important to use white vinegar because when this type of vinegar dries it leaves no residue. 

The acidic acid in white vinegar makes it work efficiently to help break down the streaky film that can accumulate on windows and other glass surfaces. 

Old newspapers can be great when it comes to cleaning windows as it removes any grease left over by the vinegar. However, this will also guarantee the streak-free finish most desire.

For those who have stubborn streaks which don’t seem to disappear, try going over the area with clean water to help remove any of the remaining solution.

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The benefits of using newspaper for window cleaning are numerous. For starters, it’s much cheaper than buying expensive chemical cleaners. 

Newspaper is also biodegradable which makes it an environmentally friendly choice compared to other types of cleaners that contain harsh chemicals that can be harmful to both humans and animals when released into the environment.

Additionally, newspapers are readily available in most households so there’s no need to buy special products just for window cleaning purposes.

Another great benefit of using newspaper for window cleaning is that it leaves behind no streaks or residue on windows like some chemical cleaners do.

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