Gingrich: Dems 'methodically trying to destroy conservatism' with Biden as 'pleasant cover'

Biden administration ‘radicals’ don’t want any part of unity

Reaction from former House Speaker and Fox News contributor Newt Gingrich on ‘Hannity’

President Biden’s “radical” inner circle is working to “destroy” the legacy of President Trump, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich warned on “Hannity” Thursday. 

“I think you are seeing the hysteria of the Biden system, because it’s not really about Biden himself,” Gingrich told host Sean Hannity. “It’s his entire team around him who are radicals who believe that they could exterminate the Republicans. That would be one way to get the ‘unity’,” Gingrich said.

The former lawmaker noted the case of New York Times contributor Will Wilkinson  who had joked that if Biden meant what he said about unity, he would “lynch Mike Pence.” The message was later deleted and Wilkinson was fired from the Niskanen Center think tank. 

“That gives you a sense of the ferocity and the anger and the hatred that underlies the modern left,” said Gingrich.

Turning to the 46th president’s actions on his first day in office, Gingrich told Hannity that “you have to think in terms of the Biden machine, not Biden personally. Biden didn’t personally sit down and draft 17 executive orders — but radicals on his staff did.”

“Think about this,” Gingrich added. “On the very day he was sworn in as president, he signed an executive order to destroy the 1776 Commission. And all of our viewers tonight ought to ask themselves, what is it about this 1776 Commission that made it such a big deal that Biden went out of his way to destroy it on his first day of office?

“The answer is it is a pro-American, pro-history, pro-fact commission which threatens the very essence of the modern left and … all of their lies about the makeup of America.”

Gingrich went on to contrast the “smiling” visage of Biden on the inaugural stage with the dangerous and divisive policies he immediately enacted upon leaving it.

“I thought it was a great speech. I thought it had all the right tone. But I also know that if Eisenhower had given that speech, he would have meant it,” he said. “He’s just the pleasant cover, below which they are methodically trying to destroy conservatism.”

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