GOP Embarrassment: World Leaders Outpace Sitting Republicans to Congratulate Biden

Republican leaders continue to embarrass themselves by not acknowledging reality, and the growing number of world leaders who’ve shown no problem facing the truth is making the GOP look even more pathetic.

Three full days have passed since the 2020 election was called in favor of Joe Biden and, astonishingly, the number of congratulations from foreign leaders has far exceeded those from Republican officeholders.

According to NBC News’ count, only four current GOP senators, six members of Congress, and three governors have broken from the cult of Trump to express acknowledgment, either by using the accurate title of president-elect to refer to Biden or by publicly congratulating him for what literally happened:

  • Sen. Mitt Romney
  • Sen. Susan Collins
  • Sen. Lisa Murkowski
  • Sen. Ben Sasse
  • Rep. Fred Upton
  • Rep. Francis Rooney
  • Rep. Will Hurd
  • Rep. Tom Reed
  • Rep. Paul Mitchell
  • Rep. Adam Kinzinger
  • Gov. Charlie Baker
  • Gov. Phil Scott
  • Governor-elect Spencer Cox

Thus far, the rest of the sitting or elected GOP members stand with Russia’s Vladimir Putin and Brazil’s Trump sycophant president, Jair Bolsonaro, by either remaining frighteningly silent or aggressively paying homage to their Dear Leader by lying along with him and claiming election fraud.

As of Monday, according to the site Government Executive, a total of 16 world leaders have either spoken with Biden to congratulate him or have published tweets and released statements doing much of the same. An act, mind you, that at any other time in American history would be considered a formality that most would pay little attention to.

The reality-bending ways of today’s Republican party continued on Tuesday with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo telling reporters that a “smooth transition to a second Trump administration” was in the offing.

Other Republican members like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator Richard Shelby, Senator Roy Blunt, and Senator Marsha Blackburn refused to say that Biden won. And on Monday, Lindsey Graham lied to viewers on Fox News by claiming Democrats only win “because they cheat us.”

On Tuesday, President-elect Joe Biden spoke to America’s standing in the world and called the lack of a Trump concession “an embarrassment.”

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