‘Great for grease’ – Mrs Hinch fans share top tips to remove cooking oil splashed on wall

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Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media. The cleaning star’s clever hacks have attracted more than four million followers on her Instagram page. 

Inspired by her nifty techniques, cleaning fans have established their own groups on social media dedicated to sharing effective methods for tackling household tasks.

Facebook user Heather Sheard sought advice for removing cooking oil from a kitchen wall.

Responding to the post, Sammy Dodson advised: “Elbow grease or washing up liquid on wall and scrub with hot water.”

Cheryl Lindop commented: “Sugar soap is great for grease and grime. Just make sure you wear gloves.”

Grace Boon suggested: “Hand soap, the cheap stuff works a treat.”

“I used Cif cream and a scourer – came off brilliantly,” said Linda Gallagher.

Sharon Baker posted: “Flash spray, wipe done, worked for me.”

Sandra Allan suggested using sugar soap to remove the grease.

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Elaine Aherne Lee said: “Washing up liquid will break down the grease and hot water.”

Joanne Stitt commented: “Fairy liquid neat, then wipe off.”

Bernie Brownlow posted: “Try Cillit Bang grease removal.”

Amy Louise Clatworthy suggested applying a sealant to enable grease to be removed easily. 

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Megan Foxgold suggested using a kitchen degrease spray, Mr muscle or Flash.

Describing a tried-and-tested technique, Karine Cartwright advised: “Neat flash on wall then wipe over with hottest water you can.

“This is how I got thick grease off a house I moved into and the kitchen walls and cupboards were thick with grease.

“It worked great for me and some of the grease had dried and gone sticky with a dusty coating on it.”

Myra Birnie posted: “Mine was mostly on tiles and the worktop but I used Elbow Grease and Pink Stuff. Not at the same time obviously.”

Melanie Stenson suggested using Elbow Grease liquid spray to tackle the grease.

While Janie McPhillips advised using Flash spray with orange.

The group member added: “You can buy clear fablon which you just need to wipe down after each fry.”

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