Herschel Walker Lied to His Own Campaign About His Secret Children

It isn’t hard to figure out what drew Donald Trump to Herschel Walker. The Heisman Trophy winner, like the former president who endorsed him for Senate in Georgia, is a habitual liar.

It’s been revealed just in the past few months that Walker has lied about his academic record, that’s he has lied about his business record, and even that he has a secret son he doesn’t see. It was then revealed a few weeks ago that he has two more secret children. The Daily Beast reported on Thursday that Walker has been lying to his own campaign about all of these children.

The news of Walker’s first secret son may have been reported last month, but his campaign obtained documents proving he had a 10-year-old son late last year. The campaign didn’t tell him about the documentation they’d obtained when they asked him the rumors last December, according to The Daily Beast. Walker lied, saying the rumors were false, just as his campaign expected. He only admitted to the secret child after they presented him with the documentation. Once news of the child became public, his campaign asked him if there were any other children. He insisted there weren’t. The existence of the two other secret children was reported days later.

Walker’s attempts to hide the truth from his own campaign come in communications obtained by The Daily Beast, which also spoke to a campaign adviser who said Walker lies “like he’s breathing,” that he’s lied so “we don’t know what’s true,” and that aides have “zero” trust in anything he says. The communications obtained by The Daily Beast also reveal internal concern over whether Walker is mentally fit to hold office.

The news that Walker has repeatedly lied to his campaign is only the latest in a string of damning revelations about the former football star who cruised to the Republican nomination for Senate in Georgia. His duplicitousness has been well-documented, as are his complete lack of qualifications to hold one of the most powerful political offices in the United States. He has never held any government role in the past, and as Politico reported in May, had to receive a “crash course” in how politics works. The primary thing Walker has going for him is Trump’s support. The former president praised Walker “an outstanding American who is going to be a GREAT United States Senator” in endorsing him last September.

Recent polling has shown Walker trailing Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock by around 10 points.

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