Households could end up spending £1,440 running bargain inflatable hot tubs

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Many retailers in the UK are offering incredible deals on inflatable hot tubs this summer. Some of the cheapest hot tubs out there can be purchased from around £140 to £250. Now, energy experts at Loop, the free energy-saving smart meter app, are warning that cheap hot tubs may not be the “bargains” they seem.

While inflatable hot tubs are the cheapest to buy, Loop has warned that some could cost as much as £360 per month to run which would amount to £1,440 in just four months over the summer.

The energy experts claim inflatable hot tubs cost five times as much as more energy-efficient models.

However, they also claim that even a more energy-efficient hot tub that uses seven kWh per day could add £72 per month to your energy bills which is 20 percent higher than last summer and a huge 90 percent higher than summer 2020.

Loop’s calculations are based on eight hours of constant usage.

The company calculated that an efficient hot tub uses an average of 7kWh per day when in use.

Based on the unit cost of 17.8p in July 2020, 20.8p in March 2022, 28.3p in April 2022 and 34p in May 2023, these are Loop’s calculations:

Summer 2020 cost: 7 x 17.8 = £1.25

March 2022 cost: 7 x 20.8 = £1.46

April 2022 cost: 7 x 28.3 = £1.98

May 2023 cost: 7×34 = £2.38

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From these calculations, Loop worked out the monthly cost equivalent:

Summer 2020: £38.02

March 2022: £44.41

April 2022: £60.23

May 2023: £72.39

An inefficient, poorly insulated model will cost multiples of these amounts to run.

Loop estimates they would cost five times the cost which equates to: £72.39 x 5 = £361.95

Four months at £360 = £1440

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The ‘Energy Doctor’ Steve Buckley, who is head of data science at Loop, said: “Many of us will have seen offers on inflatable hot tubs recently and are considering investing in one.

“Whilst relaxing in a hot tub is a welcome treat on a cool summer’s night, these hot tubs may not be the bargains they seem.

“With the current high cost of living, people should be aware that the cost of running one of these could be a lot more than they were expecting.

“Our new research found that hot tubs are one of the worst garden culprits for adding to energy bills. Even the most energy-efficient tubs will cost £72 per month to run.

“But the biggest risks are for those households who buy cheap hot tubs.

“Due to poor insulation, these could easily cost FIVE TIMES that amount to run, that’s as much as £360 per month.

“The problem is that households won’t have any idea of the high running costs until their bill arrives.

“If you are planning to use a hot tub over the summer, don’t get taken by surprise when the electricity bill arrives as by then it’s too late.”

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