How a petty £75 parking fine led to the greatest parking revenge ever – it cost the council a LOT more | The Sun

A WOMAN got the pettiest revenge after getting a parking ticket and it ended up costing the council a fortune.

Carloyn Pacillo received a hefty £75 parking ticket for simply having a sticker on the wrong side of her licence plate.

She had just purchased a brand new truck and the previous owner had left the renewal sticker in the wrong place.

The woman, known best as Linny, appealed the fine but only managed to get it reduced to around £20.

She was left "mad" at the outcome and decided to take petty revenge on the council.

Linny owned a gas station in Anchorage, Alaska, and in order to get her revenge she came up with a clever plan that would change parking in the area forever.


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She put a collection jar at the front of the family gas station which was named Courtney's Tudor Service.

The donation jar quickly filled with £70 in change and the Pacillos also donated to round the total up to £80.

She collected all the money which she then used to pay for other peoples expired parking meters across the town.

Linny and her sister Susan would dress up as fairies and go around town filling up the local’s expired parking meters.

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Decked out in tutu’s and glittery wings, the pair were soon hailed as the Parking Fairies.

They even bought an old meter cart and painted it bright pink as they went around carrying out their service in 1994.

The three-wheeled vehicle became known as the Fairy Mobile by locals in the area.

And because the authorities were still issuing tickets by foot, they couldn’t keep up with the two cunning sisters.

At first the council thought the sisters antics were a big joke that wouldn’t last more than a couple of weeks but the donations kept pouring in.

People would drop money out of buildings and locals would run up to the pair offering them change.

The parking fairies continued their work and in just one year the council lost over £80,000 in revenue.

And in four years, by 1998, the parking meters were scrapped from the area completely.

The Pacillo sisters became local legends, saving their neighbours from costly parking tickets and retired from their duties by dramatically burning their wings outside the City Hall.

The Pacillo family sold their gas station in 2003 and just six years later Linny died after battling muscular dystrophy and injuries from a car accident.

She died at age 47 and in remembrance of the local hero, state legislators in Anchorage named a new parking garage after her in 2007.

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The Linny Pacillo Parking Garage features glasswork showcasing the two fairies dropping money into a parking meter as well as the Fairy Mobile.

Inside the building a plaque tells the story of the iconic Pacillo Parking Fairies.

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