How to get your prescriptions delivered through Uber and avoid a trip to the pharmacy

  • You can get prescriptions delivered through Uber by signing up as a patient with NimbleRx. 
  • NimbleRx offers next- or same-day, contactless prescription deliveries to users in several major cities.
  • To sign up for Uber’s prescription deliveries, link your NimbleRx account to UberEats.
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In August 2020, Uber announced it would start making contactless prescription deliveries straight to customers’ doors. The feature aims to help vulnerable people receive the medications they need safely, without having to venture out to their local pharmacy. 

To make this possible, Uber Health, a HIPAA-secure service, teamed up with NimbleRx, a company that works with local pharmacies to get customers’ prescriptions delivered the same or next day.

If you live in one of the markets served, you can start to get your prescriptions delivered through the UberEats app.

In the news: Uber announced a partnership this week with the prescription delivery service ScriptDrop; through it, Uber will fulfill prescription deliveries in 37 states for customers of pharmacies that use ScriptDrop.

How Uber prescription delivery works 

Depending on what device and method you prefer, you can have your current and future prescriptions delivered through the UberEats mobile app or the NimbleRx website.

But before you begin either process, you’ll want to have the names of your prescriptions, your pharmacy address, and your insurance card — if you have one — with you. 

The Uber Health program is limited to a few select markets across the United States, including  New York City, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, Chicago, Seattle, Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Dallas, and Austin, with plans for future expansion. 

Quick tip: If you live in an area outside the ones listed above, you can likely still order through NimbleRx’s website, but your prescriptions will be delivered by courier.

However, similar to how UberEats isn’t available for all restaurants, not all pharmacies can deliver prescriptions through Uber. If your pharmacy isn’t available, you can be connected to one that will deliver to you, or have your physician send new ones to Uber Right Choice Pharmacy. The transfer process will take a few days, but once it’s complete, you can order and manage future orders with them through the app. 

Deliveries come next- or same-day in discreet packaging with no delivery fee, and you can pay using your insurance. NimbleRx will use what insurance you have on file with your pharmacy, though you’ll want to check with NimbleRx as there are some insurance exclusions. Delivery is currently free, but Uber notes that it’s only a limited time offer.

It’s also important to know that while many prescriptions are eligible for delivery, there’s currently no option for controlled substances. 

How to get prescriptions delivered by Uber

Before you can get any prescriptions delivered, you’ll need a NimbleRx patient account. You can sign up for this on the NimbleRx Website. 

Sign up through the NimbleRx website

1. Head to NimbleRx and select either “Yes, I have a prescription” or “I will see a doctor soon.”

2. You’ll need to input your personal information, and then prove your identity so that it can be confirmed with your local pharmacy. You’ll also need to verify your mobile phone number by clicking the link they text you in order to activate your account. 

After successfully signing up for an account, you’ll be prompted to choose your pharmacy as well as the prescription medication you’re ordering. You can use this menu to order your prescriptions through NimbleRx’s own delivery service.

Read on for instructions on how to link NimbleRx to your Uber account.

How to get existing prescriptions delivered using the UberEats app

  1. Open your UberEats app and tap the “Prescription” icon underneath the slider. If you don’t see it, you’re not in a supported area.

    Select the Prescription option from the Uber Eats services slider.Abbey White/Insider
  2. Tap “Continue” after reading the prescription delivery introduction.

    Click Continue after you read over the summary of the prescription delivery service.Abbey White/Insider
  3. Select “Continue” to link your NimbleRx and Uber accounts. 
    Quick tip: This grants Uber and NimbleRx the ability to exchange your profile and delivery information, but Uber will not have access to any of your health information such as prescription details. 
  4. Select the circle next to “I have my prescriptions now.”
    Tap the first circle and Next to begin transferring your prescriptions.Abbey White/Insider
  5. The UberEats app should populate some information about you, including your first and last name, and phone number. If it doesn’t, enter them along with your prescription delivery address and birthdate, then tap “Confirm.”
    Enter your personal information to begin the prescription transfer process.Abbey White/Insider
  6. Begin entering the name of your pharmacy in the Pharmacy name field. When your pharmacy auto-populates, select it from the dropdown results.
    Enter your current pharmacy’s location.Abbey White/Insider
  7. If you want, enter your existing prescriptions in the “Active prescription name” field or skip this step for now.
  8. Select “Review,” then tap “Insurance.” 
    Tap Insurance to upload your insurance card.Abbey White/Insider
  9. Upload a photo of your insurance card or check the “I do not have insurance coverage” box. 
    You can upload your insurance card info or report that you don’t have insurance.Abbey White/Insider

    Quick tip: You may be asked to allow the UberEats app to take pictures and record video so you can upload images of your insurance card. 

  10. Go back to the last page and tap “Transfer prescriptions.”
    Tap Transfer prescriptions to add new RX and begin having them delivered.Abbey White/Insider
  11. Enter the name of your Pharmacy again and the name of your Active prescription before tapping “Review.”
  12. Read the terms of your prescription transfer and Uber delivery, then tap “Transfer.” 

If you don’t have a prescription that you want to be delivered immediately, you can also set up future prescription deliveries.

How to set up future prescriptions for delivery using the UberEats app

  1. Open your UberEats app and tap the “Prescription” icon underneath the slider.  
  2. Tap “Continue” after reading the prescription delivery introduction.
  3. Select “Continue” to link your NimbleRx and Uber accounts. 
  4. Select the circle next to “I will see my doctor soon.” 
    Tap the second circle before selecting Next.Abbey White/Insider
  5. On the next page, tap the down arrow next to “I am seeing my doctor soon.” 
    Tap the down arrow next to “I am seeing my doctor soon.”Abbey White/Insider
  6. A list of steps for how to get new prescriptions sent to NimbleRx and delivered to your door with Uber will appear. 
    These are the steps you should take to prepare to transfer your prescriptions.Abbey White/Insider
  7. When you visit your doctor, tell them to send your prescriptions to Uber powered by Right Choice Pharmacy.
  8. Once your prescriptions are filled, wait for a text from Uber confirming it’s received your prescriptions and that they’re ready to purchase. 
  9. Follow the steps in the previous section to have your prescriptions delivered to you.

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