How to remove hair from your hoover – biggest cause of broken hoovers

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Whether it’s human hair, pet hair, or hair-like fibres from other random materials around your house, your hoover is full of hair. The hair inside the hoover bag is no problem, but hair stuck in the brush roll will result in ineffective suction. reveals how to remove hair from your hoover.

A hoover’s job is to suck up all of the rubbish and dirt that’s lingering on your floors.

If your hoover seems to be broken, take a look at its brush roll to see if it is overloaded with hair.

Normally, you might think your hoover is totally broken but it’s just congested.

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The experts at Your Spares, appliance spare part company, explained: “Poor maintenance of the brush rolls is a common cause of most vacuum cleaner problems.

“External items such as hair, string, or threads have a tendency to get trapped around the brush roll.

“This affects its ability to rotate without restriction and increases the friction during the time of operation.

“A frequent issue here is that these blockages place extra pressure on the belt.

“Therefore, it is necessary to make sure that the brush roll assembly and bearings are clear of any blockages.”

If you don’t resolve the blockage and get rid of the hair, lint or string that is clogging up the brush, the hoover’s belt may break.

Your Spare’s site further explains the link between the two, saying: “Quite often, a cleaner belt may break when solid dirt particles such as lint, string, or hair are trapped.

“This can affect the brush roll, causing its movement to be restricted and this results in increased friction and pressure on the belt.”

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How to remove hair from your hoover

Fixing the blockage is easier than you’d think.

Your Spare’s advice reads: “Dismantle the brush roll and clean out any objects that might be trapped in the bearings.

“This should enable the brush roll to rotate without difficulty.

“While checking these components, it is also necessary to make sure that the Brush roll Cover is not in direct contact with the belt.”

If you find it tricky to get all of the hair off, social media cleaning bloggers have invented a useful hack.

Instead of using your fingers, or even worse a knife or scissors, use a small stitch picker.

Poke through the clumps of hair and run it along the brush roll to cut through them in one swoop.

Keep plucking away until the hair is totally free from the bristles.

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