I caught my neighbour STEALING from me on my Ring doorbell – but people say I'M in the wrong too | The Sun

A ROW between two neighbours has erupted after a man caught the woman next door stealing his kitten.

The unnamed 22-year-old checked his Ring doorbell and found the incriminating evidence.

Moments before, he had asked the neighbour if she'd seen the cat and she said no.

It all started when the family next door came over for a BBQ and their 8-year-old son took an interest in the cat.

"When the bbq was over he tried to walk out with my cat and I reminded him that the cat was my cat and that he stayed here but he could come and visit whenever I was home and then he threw a temper tantrum," the man explained on Reddit.

"His mom (F 30) let’s call her Karen picked him up and asked how much we wanted for the cat I said nothing he is my cat and he’s not for sale and she kept on persisting then after 10 mins of telling her no she finally left."

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A few days later he came home from work and couldn't find the cat anywhere.

So he asked around to see if anyone had seen it.

"When I got to Karen’s house she opened the door barley enough for me to see her I asked if she had seen my cat and if she had him," he continued.

"She said no when I was walking away I heard this meowing and then she shut the door."

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When he checked the Ring footage he realised he must have forgotten to lock the door, as he saw the neighbour entering and leaving with his cat.

He then confronted the neighbour and "barged in" to take the pet back.

The woman next door called the police over the incident – though it's not clear what happened after that.

People have largely supported the man's response but some were quick to point out that barging into the woman's house may not have been the best course of action.

"You should have just called the police and had her charged. If everything here is accurate, she’s guilty of several crimes," one commented.

"Unfortunately, so are you now."

Another added: "If you're saying your ring doorbell recorded her breaking into your house and stealing your cat, then you need to press charges with the police.

"I suppose you could have called the police rather than barging in, but I understand."

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