‘I don’t know what to say’ Single dad in tears as boss gives him £40k towards childcare

Undercover Boss USA: Boss rewards employee with $15,000

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Damon is an employee at Moe’s Southwest Grill in Nashville, Tennessee and works as a line manager. After hearing Damon’s story and seeing his work ethic, Mr Damico was more than happy to help. Viewers of Undercover Boss USA saw Mr Damico go undercover and change his identity in order to check the service at his restaurants was to a high standard.

Mr Damico went undercover as Mark and worked beside Damon for an afternoon. Damon trained Mr Damico on how to prepare the food, and how to work the cash register – showing him how the restaurant is run.

Whilst working, the pair shared some personal stories.

Damon explained that when he does not have a babysitter, he will usually bring his daughter into work with him. As her mother fell on hard times, Damon was granted full custody.

He said “it was a struggle” as he used to be homeless and live in his car but his daughter became the motivation he needed to pull himself out of a hard place.

Tearing up he said: “It chokes me up I think about my daughters and how you want the best for them. I see him trying to do the best for her.”

At the end of the programme, Mr Damico revealed himself to Damon stating that he is the owner of the restaurant.

Blown away by this good attitude and work ethic for the business, Mr Damico knew he wanted to help Damon.

He said: “Damon you’re a great trainer.

“You took the time to show me everything about your restaurant and I thank you for that. We had a chance to share personal stories and I want to see you succeed.”

Mr Damico went onto share a story with Damon about his younger brother. He had to go through a liver transplant and his father’s boss took care of his father and made the transportation happen.

He added: “My father’s boss took care of him, so that he could take care of others and I really want to take care of you.
“I want to give you $15,000 (around £12,600) to get the best reliable car that you can.

“And I understand how expensive childcare can be so I want to give you $20,000 (around £14.600) cash and I want you to use that for quality day care so that when you come to Moe’s and work, you’re not worrying about your daughter or what her day care is looking like.”

Damon’s jaw dropped open in disbelief.

He said: “Thank you for all of this man, it’s been a struggle, but you know keeping faith is what has kept me above water.”

Damon said that his daughter made him step up and be a better person.

Tearing up, Mr Damico responded: “I know she’s getting great grades and I never want you to worry about her college education so I want to give you $20,000 (around £14,600) to start her college fund now so that there is plenty of money in that by the time she goes off to school.”

In shock Damon said: “I don’t know what to say may. You really don’t have to do that for my daughter.

“I can’t put words into it. I know God put’s people in our paths for a reason and I knew there was something about you when I met you.

“I’m just blessed and grateful. Thank you.”

Undercover Boss USA is available to watch on Channel 4.

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