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A MOTORIST who drove a new solar electric car has said it died in the middle of the road and refused to go into park mode.

The car enthusiast took YouTube channel Transport Evolved to review the Aptera Gamma prototype.

The content creator took the prototype to a drive test to see how well it performs.

The car has been described as the "world's first solar EV" and manufacturers claimed it doesn't require charging.

The three-wheeled vehicle was unveiled last year in San Diego, USA – but it hasn't hit showrooms yet.

The cars expert sad: "Aptera asked us if we'd like to come down to San Diego and drive its latest prototype.

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"While our ultimate impressions of Aptera Gamma were excellent, our day didn't start quite as we'd hoped."

The solar electric vehicle is still in pre-production state with many of its features set to be changed after the launch.

The centre console area and the rear view cameras are going to be fitted higher for a better vision.

The motorist said: "The suspension on this vehicle is about production status. And at the moment it does feel a little bit on the firm side.

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"But it's worth noting here driving around this residential area the roads are not the smoothest.

"Second of all there's none of the sound insulation that you'll see in the production vehicle has been installed.

"So the resulting finished feel of this vehicle I'm told is going to be a lot quieter."

The driver also noted the side view cameras are yet to be changed once the final product is finished.

"I would prefer to move the monitors into a different location," they said.

But while listing the features the driver was left in shock when thevehicle suddenly stopped in the middle of the road.

The Youtuber said: "Right now we don't have regenerative braking… and we have just died.

"And it won't go into park."

The motors expert then explained the reason why the car died.

According to Aptera manufacturers, the vehicle became overheated after a previous test drive.

CEO Chris Anthony said he took the car to a previous test drive before the influencer could jump in.

Mr Anthony said: "I have to apologise, a severe tactical error on my part had me taking out two investors from New York on a vicious test ride before."

"Apparently I didn't start the startup sequence as I was supposed to which turns on the fan and the cooling."

Once the car's inverter cooled down to normal levels, the driver gave it another try.

The EV fan said: "It's like driving a completely different vehicle.

"Now that this vehicle is behaving as it should I'm actually enjoying the experience."

"But I'd still like some better side view mirrors."

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