I filled up my car at an Asda petrol station and it stopped running – I don't know what's wrong with it… I'm furious | The Sun

A MAN was left fuming after he filled up his car at an Asda petrol station and it stopped working.

Disgruntled motorists have reported their engines cutting out and not restarting after stopping by at Coryton fuel station in Cardiff, Wales.

Lee Clark, a regular customer at the petrol station, says his motor has been badly affected after filling up there.

The 52-year-old claims he topped up his Range Rover with about £120 worth of diesel on December 27, before driving from Coryton to Cwmbran.

But about 15 miles into the journey, Lee said his engine management light came on and faults started coming up.

Next thing heknew, his car went into limp mode and was "struggling".

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In what was a stroke of luck, Lee managed to get to his destination and back before laving his motor overnight, reports Wales Online.

But he said his vehicle "was even worse" in the morning so he drove it, "chuggy and stalling", straight to a garage where it still remains.

The garage told Lee it was a fuel issue and the diesel contained either water or another pollutant.

Lee says that his car is well-maintained and was hooked up to a diagnostic machine which came up with "a load of fault codes, which it never did before".

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He added: "The amount of fault codes that are coming up is ridiculous. I don't even know if I need a new engine – I have no idea."

The garage is still working to fix his car and it's unclear how bad the damage is yet.

A mechanic at the garage speaking to WalesOnline said: "It was a really big struggle to get Lee's car going when it was first brought in… Range Rovers are very sturdy.

"That level in there could have floored a lot of cars completely… by the time it was recovered to us, I think we actually pushed it into the workshop the first time."

The anonymous worker added that the garage had received enquiries from about five other drivers who had also filled up at the station.

It comes after reports that several other people claimed their cars "stopped running" after filling up on diesel that was "full of water".

Diesel is currently unavailable at the filling station but will return following "thorough testing", according to Asda.

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Meanwhile, Ray Bright, the owner of Garth Tyre and Auto Services, revealed he had five cars come for repairs at his garage.

Ray said that all of these motors were filled up at the Asda Coryton fuel station and all contained diesel "full of water – or chemical or whatever it is in there, I do not know".

He described the consistency of the fluid he's drained as like a "watered down milk" and said "something has gone majorly wrong down there".

Ray continued: "Either they have put the wrong fluid in the diesel or there's a cleaning agent or something…it's happened to a lot of cars."

And he added that about a dozen people had called him about the problem since he reopened.

An Asda spokesperson previously said: “We are currently conducting an investigation into the diesel at our Coryton filling station after we received a small number of enquiries from customers.

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"Diesel is currently unavailable whilst the investigation takes place and will be available as soon as possible following thorough testing.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

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