I found three amazing iPhone tricks that only true Apple geniuses would know | The Sun

IT'S easy to miss some of your iPhone's best tricks – and you almost certainly have.

It could take a lifetime to learn them all, but we've got three to help you on your way.

If you know all of these, you're probably an Apple genius.

They were shared by TikTok tech whiz @kaansanity, who regularly posts amazing iPhone hacks.

First, grab your iPhone and turn on the flash.

Chances are that you've accidentally activated the torch before, but this trick is useful even if you've used it on purpose.

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Instead of long-pressing the torch icon on the lockscreen to turn it off, there's a faster method

Simply drag your finger very slightly from right to left on the Lock Screen to pull the screen across.

This instantly deactivates the iPhone torch in under a second.

The second trick is great for anyone using the official Apple Mail app.

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If you've accidentally deleted an email, there's a clever hack to instantly pull it back.

Simply three-finger swipe left on the screen and you'll undo the deletion.

The third and final trick is a little more complicated, but very clever.

Go into Settings > Accessibility, then tap into Spoken Content.

Now activate Speak Selection, Speak Screen and Speech Controller.

Next, go to a web page on Safari with lots of brilliant text to read – like a story on The Sun tech section.

You should see a grey square icon on the top-left of the display.

Tap it to bring up a menu and then press play.

This will read out the text aloud for you using Siri, so you don't have to scan it yourself.

It's especially handy if you want to listen to an article through headphones while on the move.

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