I got into a row with my neighbour after Ring doorbell alert showed them on my porch – but people say I'M in the wrong | The Sun

A WOMAN took the extreme decision of calling the police after spotting her neighbour up to something on her porch.

The unnamed 38-year-old received a Ring doorbell alert on her phone while she was away for a few weeks visiting family.

It turns out the neighbour was collecting a parcel of theirs that was left at the wrong address.

But the woman spoke to him via her Ring doorbell, saying he should leave and wait until her friend to come over and check.

"He said he's not waiting for that and tried to leave," the Reddit user wrote.

"I told him if he takes a package from my porch I'm calling the cops.

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"He shoved the package in front of the camera and said "That's my name and address, OP. I'm taking my package.""

"Then he walked away. So, I called the police and told them that he stole a package from me and I have video proof."

It turns out this wasn't the first row between the pair – and not the first time she's called the police on him either.

They previously argued over the cost of a new garden fence to stop the neighbour's dog jumping over to chase her cat.

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There was also disagreement about the cost to remove a tree.

"Needless to say, we're not friends," she continued.

"They've also thrown some loud, late-night parties that included bonfires and loud music that I had to call the cops for as well."

The majority of commenters said they understood her early frustrations but think the porch incident went too far.

"I can't believe you called the cops after he showed you his name and address on the package," one user responded.

"What did you think the cops were going to do once they saw the package had his name?

"Why do you waste the police's and everyone else's time?"

Another added: "Your neighbour showed you the package that was clearly theirs and you started s**t anyway. Wtf?

"Honestly, from what you've said, your neighbours aren't the problem here, you are."

A third commented: "I agree with it all except the dog thing.

"I have a dog. If he jumps over the fence into someone else’s yard that is on me.

"There could be free steaks and 20 cats in their yard, but it’s in their yard and their property.

"My dog needs to stay in my yard no matter what."

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Her friend arrived at the property to find the neighbour talking to police – though they left while she was inside.

When she went out, the man apparently "yelled" at her friend, saying the owner is a "huge a**hole" that needs to "take the police off speed-dial".

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