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A MUM who swapped her diesel car for an electric vehicle has slammed them as the "worst invention in the world".

The driver vented on TikTok that she had been forced to spend around an hour trying to find a working electric car point to be able to charge her car.

Sharing her frustration, TikTok user @thesimpsonthree fumed over the lack of charging points in the UK.

She started the video by saying: "This is a f***ing rant, just a warning don't buy an electric car.

"I've spent more than an hour trying to charge my car.

"I have been to one EV charger. I have to wait 15 minutes for the person in front of me to finish, just for the machine to break.


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"I drove to another car charger, but it wasn't even working.

"I drove to the first one because, in my app, it says it was available.

"But, it wasn't available. I have only 36 miles on my car and it's not enough to get home tonight.

"It's driving me f***ing crazy. If it was a way, I would give back this car.

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"Whoever invented electric cars needs a good talking to because they're f***ing s***.

"I'm stuck. I have to drive a long way tomorrow and I don't have where to charge my car.

"Give me back a petrol car because the UK is not ready for electric cars."

The car expert also believes that electric cars are too expensive.

She added: "If you’re looking to make the switch to an electric car, the main issue is affordability – of cars and chargers.

"There are just three electric cars for sale under £30,000, compared to a choice of over 100 petrol and diesel models in the same price bracket."

"With energy costs currently higher too, it means drivers have to do sums to make sure it still makes financial sense.

"If you can charge at home, it will still be cheaper to run an electric car in most cases, but if you have to rely on the public charging network you will have to make sure it still adds up."

The four biggest electric car complaints have been revealed – with the main problem the lack of charging points.

And another mum said her drive to work took three times longer than usual due to the nightmare.


This week it was revealed that ministers are set to miss their target of installing 300,000 new electric chargers by 2030.

Figures from the Department for Transport show that less than 9,000 public charging devices were installed last year.

According to official data, there are now 30 electric vehicles for every charge point, compared with 16 at the start of 2020.

Ginny Buckley, founder and CEO of Electrifying.com, said to The Sun Online: "Electric cars are easy to drive, simple to charge at home and reliable, so owning one should be a hassle-free experience.

"But the hard fact is that our national charging infrastructure rollout isn’t keeping pace with the numbers of car buyers making the switch to an electric car.

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"In 2020, there were 16 cars for every charger. Today that number has risen to 30, which has led to waiting times for some charges at peak times; whilst other charging points right around the UK can be unreliable and faulty.

"This wouldn’t be acceptable at a petrol station, and I believe electric car drivers deserve to have the same hassle-free experience as they would if they filled up with petrol or diesel.

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