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A DRIVER who tested out a major brand's EV complained of four odd features that made it "revolting" to drive.

Lee, aka the MacMaster, took the £46,000 electric car for a spin on his YouTube channel, but walked away disappointed.

Lee, who usually drives a Porsche Taycan EV, swapped it out for a taste of a Polestar 2.

However, he was far from impressed by the offering from the Swedish manufacturer.

His first issue was that he felt that the motor lacked "style", particularly in terms of its look.

Lee said that, while the infotainment screen was very "intuitive" and easy to use, it was "basic", much like the rest of the minimalist design.



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For him, this took away some of the enjoyment of the ride as it felt too functional and a little dull.

He also complained about the sound made by the indicators inside the cabin, which he described as "like static".

The strangest thing was that he discovered that the noise was being played through the infotainment system's speakers rather than from the mechanism itself, which he found "odd".

Having managed to get over the design and the unusual indicators, Lee hit the road, only to be confronted by his two biggest gripes.

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He claimed that the cornering ability of the Polestar was noticeably worse than the Porsche and Tesla EVs he has previously driven.

Describing it as "heavy", he added that the unresponsive steering made the car feel "like a tank" as he went around a roundabout.

However, by far his most serious complaint was that it was significantly "underpowered" and "lacked torque".

Lee said: "There's no power to it.

"If you're going to have a car this unstylish, at least give it some power…I'm gobsmacked.

"I'm putting my foot to the floor.

"Oh my word, this is not right at all."

Concluding his journey, he praised the build quality and the tech available inside but remained stunned by just how little power he felt there was.

Overall, he said that he "couldn't wait" to hand the keys back and hop back behind the wheel of his sporty Porsche.

Polestar has been contacted for comment.

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