I think EVs are 'garbage' & love my BMW – here's what I hate most about electric cars | The Sun

A BMW driver has opened up on why he thinks EVs are 'garbage' and what he hates the most about them.

Jeremy, who goes by the nickname Beemer Dreamer, took to his YouTube channel to vent his dislike of electric cars.

He said: "I just want to talk about these electric vehicles because I was almost a victim of one.

"I think they're garbage.

"Don't buy f****** electric vehicles, they're trash."

His main gripe was that EVs are largely silent, with most only making a low humming or whirring noise as they drive along.



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In contrast, Jeremy said his BMW Z4's inline-six engine puts out "amazing harmonics" with plenty of "pops" and "burbles".

He felt that driving an EV would mean losing out on the soothing soundtrack of internal combustion.

In fact, this is seemingly a common complaint among EV critics, with one experienced road tester calling it "unnatural" in his review of the electric market.

It has become such an issue that some manufacturers have even taken steps to address it.

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Models including the Fiat 500e, Porsche Taycan and Tesla Model 3 all have the option to turn on artificial engine sounds which respond in real time to your driving.

However, EVs face a far wider struggle to capture the hearts and mind of the driving public.

Just today, an expert mechanic dubbed electric cars a "disaster" and claimed they could even be deadly.

Scotty Kilmer explained that issues with charging infrastructure and the risk of electrical fires are putting people off making the switch from fossil fuels.

And this is now being reflected in government policy, as Rishi Sunak recently announced that the UK ban on new sales of petrol and diesel cars would be delayed to 2035 from its original date of 2030.

This will give manufacturers more time to address concerns, while planners can improve the EV infrastructure across the nation.

The latter is especially needed after Department for Transport figures revealed this month that more than 12 million people in rural areas are sharing access to only around 6,000 EV charging points.

It comes after Tory London mayoral candidate Susan Hall slammed the expansion of the ULEZ charging area, calling it a "tax grab" and saying it should be used to collar criminals rather than bash motorists.

Meanwhile, drivers were given an urgent warning over a major EV issue that could see their car's security at risk.

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