I used baking soda to clean my greasy air fryer – here’s the results

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With energy prices skyrocketing air fryers have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they are a cheaper alternative to using ovens. It’s no wonder they’ve grown in popularity, they can cook just about anything in about half the time an oven would. However, when it comes to cleaning these appliances, it can be a nightmare to get rid of burnt-on food bits and grease stuck in between the basket holes. After seeing fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch share their baking soda air fryer cleaning hack across social media, I couldn’t resist putting this nifty trick to the test. 

Due to the air fryer being used almost every day in my household, it can become extremely dirty.

It is also often far down on the cleaning list, and so when it comes to tacking the air fryer, it is a big cleaning job.

My air fryer has two elements to it: the basket and the draw. It is typically the draw that is the worst area to get spotless as grease loves to hide between the holes in the bottom and around the sides.

For this method all that was needed was boiling water and baking soda. I used Dri-Pak Bicarbonate of soda which retails for £1 at Home Bargains, but can also be purchased from Ocado and Robert Dyas for £2.50. 

It’s worth noting that any baking soda can be used for this cleaning method. Supermarkets such as Tesco and Asda sell it for only 65p.

My air fryer was in a sorry state, having cooked bacon and breaded chicken in it days before. 

The air fryer’s basket was covered in crumbs, chunks of food debris and grease that had dried up.

Before trying this hack, remember to read the air fryer manufacturer’s guidelines for cleaning.

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The most important thing to do before getting to work on the appliance is to unplug the air fryer and allow it to cool down before attempting any cleaning.

I first began by boiling the kettle, as hot water is essential to help soften the grease so that the baking soda can lift away the stains.

While the kettle was boiling, I covered the bottom layer of the air fryer basket with baking soda, liberally spreading it around.

Once the water had boiled I poured it into the basket – just enough to cover the areas that had grease on.

I then let the water and baking soda sit for five minutes, after which point the water had turned brown and bits of food were rising to the top of the water.

Tipping away the liquid from the air fryer into the sink I noticed the amount of grime, crumbs and grease in the water.

After emptying the water I use a microfibre cleaning pad to wipe off the remaining stains. I was surprised that it came off so easily and that I didn’t need to scrub.

As there was baking soda left in the drawer of the air fryer I used it to wipe over the sides of the basket thoroughly to ensure there was no grease and grime left. As this is where a lot of grease deposits.

I then gave the air fryer basket and drawer a quick rinse before drying it with a tea towel. The air fryer basket looked brand new and was free of any food debris.

As the exterior of the air fryer wasn’t bad, I just used a damp cleaning cloth to wipe it down.

However, households that find that the outside of their air fryer is looking dirty, they can use a little soapy water.

Using baking soda not only made cleaning my air fryer so much easier but it also helped to get rid of the food odours left in the basket.

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