I was raging after a**hole driver left angry note blasting my parking – I don't know what they thought I was doing wrong | The Sun

A REDDIT user was left fuming after they found an angry note on their car criticising their parking – but they have no idea what they did wrong.

The person, known as “nebbyolo”, took to the social media site and simply posted pictures of their parked car along with the note under the heading of “OCD Karen”.

The message reads: “Park better next time. Thanks.”

However, there would appear to be a mystery as to why the note was left as the three pictures show the black car to be perfectly parked in a visitors space.

The photos appear to show the vehicle is well within the lines of the parking spot, seemingly giving no one cause to complain.

The most clearly hit a nerve with other Reddit users, picking up 734 comments in just one day and 93 per cent of readers upvoted it.

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One commentator said: “Seriously! I wish everyone parked this poorly around here!”

Another agreed, writing: “One of the best park jobs.”

A third added: “Literally never seen someone park better.”

While most commentators supported the poster, there were some sceptical views aired.

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One person said: “It's a pretty good prank. Just slap one of these bad boys on a perfectly parked car and look at how much time the person takes to look at the way they've parked to try and find something wrong with it.”

While another chipped in with: “Either it's a funny sarcastic note, you reparked, or you farm karma.”

It comes just days after a NHS worker was left terrified after she got a sinister note on her car after she parked near a hospital

After a hard day's work at Nottingham City Hospital, Rebecca Melvin, 60, found a piece of paper with the words "I expect not to see your car parked here again" attached to her windscreen.

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Rebecca, who works as a receptionist in the maternity unit, was saddened to find the note and says she "hasn't done anything wrong" as Madden Close, Bestwood, is not private.

Another colleague who parked next to Rebecca received the same note.

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