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A SHOPPING expert has uncovered the sneaky reason the laptops are always tilted at an annoying angle in stores.

The tech pro said employees move the screens to a certain angle so people will adjust it for a "multi-sensory" interaction that connects them with the gadgets.

TikTok user The Shopping Expert posted his investigative report with the caption "how sneaky of u, Apple."

The video opens with the TikToker walking into an Apple store to analyze each of the devices on display.

"Have you ever noticed that Macbooks at Apple stores are always positioned at a slightly inconvenient angle?" the Expert asked.

"Well, it turns out that's no accident."

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The Shopping Expert claimed that since 2015 Apple has instructed employees to tilt screens to the same angle.

"And that angle is between 70 to 76 degrees," the Expert said while holding a protractor to a computer.

Apple apparently chose this position so that people will reach out and adjust the screen to their desired viewing angle, The Shopping Expert said.

The TikToker called this a "multi-sensory" interaction which, they said, entices the customer to engage more with the product.

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"Apple knows that once you touch it, you're more likely to feel a sense of ownership and emotional connection with the product," the Expert said.

"And therefore you're more likely to buy it, and take their gadgets home."

Business Insider reported on this change in 2015 after Apple apparently made the massive change from 70 degrees to 76.

"Here is another example of the extreme lengths Apple goes to in order to ensure that your visit to one of its stores is just right," Insider reported.

The publication also said that this more extreme angle causes users to immediately grab the product.

"That requires them to touch the screen, thus letting them feel the full benefit of that all-metal seamless casing and the dampened hinge that sets the screen just-so," Insider said.

Commenters on the Expert's TikTok thought the idea was genius and wondered if it really was a direct order from Apple.

"That's actually really smart," one person said.

"Who comes up with these ideas," someone else commented.

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Another said "hate Apple or not, they literally think of everything. Steve Jobs would be proud. Every detail matters, especially when you pay the price."

The Sun reached out to Apple regarding this issue, but they did not immediately respond for comment.

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