‘If you don’t ask you’ll never know:’ Essential tips for securing a pay rise in 2022

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One expert says there’s no guarantee your employer will say yes, but there is a right and wrong way to go about it. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, she shared her top tips for giving it your best shot.

Clare Willets is a mentor to people in the advertising industry and runs power hours on how to ask for a pay rise.

She said she learnt from personal experience that if she didn’t ask, she didn’t get.

Clare explained: “I would go into every review prepared to have a pay rise discussion if I felt I deserved one.

“It feels scary at first but if you are prepared then it is much easier.”

Last year she started hosting power hours after many of her mentees mentioned that they were finding asking for a pay rise daunting.

She added: “I have been mentoring people in advertising for several years, including volunteering for Creative Mentor Network, who help young people from lower socio-economic backgrounds find opportunities in the creative industry.

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She continued: “People often focus on pay but there might be other things that people are thinking about too, especially as the last couple of years has brought a lot of change and focus on what is important for many people.

“The question I often ask people is whether the issue is the pay or the role because it’s important to differentiate.

And if it is the pay that is the problem, Claire has five tips for securing a rise.

“It often feels hard to talk about money but remember that it costs companies a lot of money to recruit when they lose a good employee,” she added.

How do I get a pay rise in 2022?

  1. Speak to recruiters, look at Glassdoor and salary comparison sites. If there are salary bands in your company, see where you sit alongside those.
  2. Remember to think about this from the company’s perspective. How is the company doing? Has it been a good or bad year for them?
  3. How have you contributed? If you have a previous review, dig it out. What was the feedback then? Have you actioned the points raised?
  4. List how you are you going to continue to add value over the next year. For example have you noticed staff morale is low and you have some ideas of how to improve it?
  5. Write down a figure or percentage increase in salary you are looking for, referencing the work you have done to show that this is realistic and comparable.

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Claire has worked in marketing and advertising for 20 years leading agency teams at M&C Saatchi, before heading up customer experience at Virgin Group.

As the founder of notonlypinkandblue.com she delivers talks about the long-lasting effects of stereotypes.

She works with leaders from multiple fields to map and promote the benefits of a world that does not stereotype children.

Claire uses her vast experience to help others as a mentor and during her specific power hours on asking for a pay rise.

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