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A CAR lover listed NINE reasons why they're not a Tesla fan – and dubbed them a nuisance on the road.

One driver has blasted Elon Musk's popular EV for it's "bad quality" and "rough ride".

They also claimed, in their experience with Tesla, that they're super noisy while travelling at high speeds – making many journeys tiresome.

In a post shared on Reddit, the frustrated driver penned: "Reasons why I'm not a Tesla fan.

"High NVH (noise, vibration, harshess).

"The 3 and Y are very stiffly sprung and have a rough ride.

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"Lack of noise insulation makes them very noisy at highway speed due to road noise. I place the highest priority on a smooth quiet ride."

The disappointed motorist also claimed the cars "lack proper blind spot indicators", and the slammed the Pano sunroof for having no cover.

"I don't like the sun shining in on me all of the time", they added.

The third problem this driver claimed find was the lack of physical controls.

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They said: "I'm not a fan of the minimalist interior, and so much control tied up in the screen, including just moving the air vents or opening the glove box."

A fourth design feature this car lover didn't appreciate, was the absence of an instrument cluster for the driver in the 3 and Y.

"A HUD would greatly make up for this. I have no interest in looking to my right to see how fast I'm going," they commented.

The frustrated car guru also pointed out the Tesla's lack of blended Regen braking.

And, experts from TopGear.com said: "Regen braking could give you thousands of extra miles of range per year by recovering energy from the parts of your journey where you'd be slowing down anyway.

"That's good."

Meanwhile, as this driver points out, the lack of this type of braking "means you're stuck with one pedal driving and don't have the ability to coast with Regen via the brakes".

One of the final errors, according the the car whizz, was "inconsistent build quality".

They continued: "Service horror stories.

"In many markets Tesla has outsold their ability to service cars, plus parts seen to be in short supply quite often."

However others were quick to defend Tesla, and disagreed with this user's opinions.

One wrote: "There's literally a side view camera live screen on the main console that shows the blind spot.

"I never even turn around anymore."

While another commented: "From what I've seen Tesla has improved their ride and noise quality."

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"I own a Model 3. I love it. Great car," agreed a third.

The Sun Online approached Tesla for comment.

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