I’m a cleaner with 2M followers – these are cleaning products you need

Kami describes herself as a “mom who loves to clean”. She has gone viral on her after she gave a breakdown of her favourite cleaning products she recommends people use in their own homes

Kami began a video showcasing her cleaning of a variety of things, such as a cooking stove, a bathroom mirror and a window panel. She said: “I get a lot of requests from people wanting to know what I use to clean my home with, so here are my favourite products.”

The cleaning enthusiast, who posts on the TikTok account @kami.larae, started by explaining the mops she uses, going from the cheapest to the more expensive. She first mops she spoke about was a spray mop which she said is great for “quick and easy spills”.

The spray mop that comes with a refillable bottle, as well as pads, is currently $22 on Amazon and seems like a sustainable option for those wishing to be more environmentally friendly. Kami also added: “One of the things that is great is that you don’t have to buy refills. You can use whatever cleaner you like, and has washable pads.”

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Kami also recommended the spin mop, which she described as her “favourite mops of all mops.”. She explained that “you just pop [the mop] in the little spinner and it gets pretty dry, so you don’t have water all over the floor.”

The spin mop can also be found on Amazon for around $50, and the product is described as being able to remove “dirt, grime and over 99 percent of bacteria with just water.”

Kami went on to say the mop was great for “doing baseboards, cleaning your cupboards, doing your doors”. She added it was excellent for also doing the shower, as it helped Kami bending down which was a relief on her knees.

Another great product Kami recommends is mopping slippers, which Kami said she only found out about this year but already loves. She said: “No more slipping and scaling the walls to my bedroom (after mopping) and they are machine washable, which is great.”

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Kami also showed a product that appeared to look like an electric toothbrush, and joked: “No it’s not my husband’s toothbrush. This is actually a power ground scrubber that is great for getting small areas around your kitchen and bathroom.”

Another top cleaning tip Kami has is using mineral oil, which she said is “amazing” for getting rid of sports on her stainless steel items, such as her fridge, and also on her fixtures.

Kami then moved on to sponges, and said she “loved” her compressed cleaning sponges, and she said: “These are great, as they do not take up a lot of space when you’re storing them.”

Another item Kami recommended was e-cloths, and said: “Never again will I have to buy chemicals to wash my mirrors. It comes with two cloths, one wet to clean, and one dry that can remove spots from your mirror.

Kami said power paste has become one of her “favourites” for cleaning her bathroom. She said: “I love it in the shower. Especially on the glass doors, it is the best thing I have found for removing spots.”

For the bedroom, Kami recommended a mattress vacuum cleaner which the mum said was “fabulous” as it removed “dust mites, dead skin cells and pet dandruff” from your mattress. She added: “for anyone with allergies, this is essential.”

Kami’s “newest cleaning tool” that she has been enjoying is the paper towel spay pump. Kami said she is using it all the time as her corgi puppy is currently being toilet trained. She said; “It is very convenient, especially now we are going through potty training with Cobey and I am having to clean up messes in every room.”

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