I'm a mechanic – dashboard switch could be key to fixing a faulty heater & drivers always forget to check it | The Sun

AN EXPERT has revealed that a dashboard switch could be the key to fixing a faulty car heater which is something many drivers forget to check.

Motor mechanic Christopher Magello, known as Chris Fix, has posted a video revealing how an often overlooked dashboard switch can often be the reason why a car is not heating properly.

In a video posted on YouTube Chris reveals how a fault blend door actuator could be the reason a caris not heating properly.

The actuator is a motor which controls the blend door, which
controls the air which comes into the car.

If the actuator is faulty the blend door will not work, which will prevent the car from heating.

Chris uses a helpful diagram to illustrate how the blend door either suppresses hot or cold air.

But if the actuator is broken the blend door will not work. Meaning the car will stay cold.

Chris posted: "No heat in your car? Car not blowing hot air? This video will show you how to fix your car's heater whether it is your heater core, heater control valve, blend door, or blower motor resistor, I go though each step to find your problem so you wont be driving in the cold anymore."

Expert Scotty Kilmerrecently revealed how to make your vehicle warmer in seconds this winter.

"Car heaters are relatively simple, they take the hot water from the radiator and run it through the heater core, inside the dash.

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In a helpful video posted to TikTok, Scotty explained: "If the car's coolant is low, the heating won't work either.

"The heater core is basically a small radiator inside the car that the blower motor blows air to, to make you hot."

Earlier this year Chris Fix warneddrivers not to clean their cars on sunny days.

He warned: "A mistake people make is cleaning their car in direct sunlight and when it's really hot.

"I try to wait until the sun is just about setting and then you get this really good shine on the car so you can see where all the dirt is.

"The reason why you don't clean your car in the sun is because the car's surface will be so hot that the water you're cleaning with will evaporate and leave water marks on your paint."

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