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FAMILIES across the UK are always on the lookout for a bargain, and it’s no different when the time comes to look for a new set of wheels.

A combination of strong used prices and increasing interest rates mean that family car buyers are facing a tough time trying to find the best bang for their buck.

Handily, the experts at What Car have put together a list of the best models you can still get hold of for less than £10,000.

Ford Focus

What Car says the Ford Focus is good to drive, decent value and cheap to maintain, although it can feel a bit cheap in the cabin and you might find the boot on the small side.


  • Class-leading handling
  • Lots to choose from
  • Well equipped


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  • Small boot
  • Automatic gearbox reliability
  • Button-heavy interior

Volkswagen Golf

The experts say that the Golf can be a bit expensive, although older versions still offer a classy interior, a comfortable ride, involving handling, a spacious interior and impressive safety standards.


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  • Smooth ride
  • Enjoyable to drive
  • Upmarket interior


  • Not as cheap as some rivals
  • Could be more spacious
  • Question marks over reliability

Audi A3

The What Car experts rate the A3 as one of the finest family cars around – comfortable, practical, great to drive, and every engine in the range is impressively efficient.


  • Strong engines
  • Beautifully finished interior
  • Great to drive


  • Not as spacious as the VW Golf in the back
  • Firm low-speed ride
  • Lower trims sparsely equipped


What Car says that the Leon is great fun to drive and is a better value alternative to the Golf – not to mention, one wearing an arguably slightly sharper suit. 


  • Good to drive
  • Well equipped
  • Cheap to buy and run


  • Firm ride
  • Not as refined as some rivals
  • Bland interior

Skoda Octavia

The car experts thinkthe Octavia offers better value than the Golf and the A3, and is more spacious than the Leon.

Its interior isn’t as classy as the Volkswagen’s or the Audi's, but it's much bigger.

Also helping make the Octavia’s case is the fact that it gets plenty of standard equipment and that it’s delightfully smooth at high speeds – it's a terrific all-round car. 


  • Smart, spacious and practical interior
  • Cheap to buy and run
  • Well equipped

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  • Not as comfortable as a Golf
  • Pricier models best avoided
  • Entry-level S trim is a bit basic

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