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A CAR expert has revealed the best cars you can buy for under £3,000.

Car prices are spiralling upwards, and interest rates are still climbing, so it’s hard to find an affordable option that won’t eat into your budget.

Handily, car experts at Auto Express have listed some great options which should be a little more affordable.

Citroen Berlingo Mk1

Although the Citroen Berlingo is frequently associated with elderly drivers, it seems that outdoorsy types are now cottoning on to the fact that this incredibly practical offering is the ideal budget "lifestyle vehicle.

And being able to get your hands on a model for less than £3,000 seems like a good deal – as long as you get it checked over first.

The experts say: "It drives reasonably well for a van-based MPV, too, although the seating position could take some getting used to. It’s also worth checking out the near-identical Peugeot Partner Tepee to maximise your options."


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Ford Focus Mk2

Motors experts at Auto Express crowned the Focus 'New Car of the Year' back in 2005.

They explained: "There are quite a few to choose from in this price range, but if you can, avoid 1.4-litre cars and lower trim levels, some of which lack air-conditioning.

"Most engines are chain-driven, removing the hassle of cambelt changes, and reliability is generally good."

Honda Jazz Mk1

The experts claim that the first generation Jazz has many of the same qualities passed on by the Civic.

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They said: " A tall body gives a spacious cabin within the car’s small footprint, while Honda's typically superb build quality and reliability mean you can buy with confidence, even when spending such little money. 

"The engine range is limited, although some units had VTEC variable valve timing, and you may find one of these for the higher end of your budget.

"A Jazz in any form should do you proud as a runabout that can be relied upon, though."

Hyundai Santa Fe Mk1

There aren't a lot of full-sized SUVs around for less than £3,000, but you can find early Mk1 Hyundai Santa Fe within budget.

The experts revealed: "It lacks the kerb appeal of a Land Rover, but it offers lots of practicality in a tough-looking (if not especially handsome) body, plus some limited off-road ability, thanks to a four-wheel drive system and decent ground clearance. It’s thirsty, though, even in diesel form."

Jaguar X-Type Mk1

The Jaguar X-Type came in for plenty of flak back in the day for its supposedly controversial use of a front-wheel drive Ford Mondeo platform, but this seems more like an advantage today, the experts claim.

They explained: "Its less-exotic nature makes for something that’s potentially less costly to run than other Jaguars.

"You may still suffer reliability problems at this end of the market, though.

"You’ll also most likely need to go for either one of the smaller petrol V6s to stay within budget. "

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