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A TECHNOLOGY excerpt is urging iPhone users to delete this one specific app that is draining your smartphone’s battery. 

Different apps can use up large amounts of our phone’s battery without us even realizing it. 

If you don’t pay attention, it could cause your phone to die unexpectedly or charge slower later on. 

Alvin Wei, the co-founder and CMO of SEOAnt, recently revealed there is one app that can take up nearly half of your device’s battery: Snapchat. 

“More than just the energy it consumes to load videos, Snnapchat also consistently wants to know your location, and doing this drains more battery power,” Wei told SheFinds. 

He explained that the app can use up to 45 percent of an iPhone’s battery when used for just a few hours every day. 

Snapchat is a hugely popular app among teenagers and young adults who use it to send silly photos, messages and videos to each other – creating days-long streaks. 

While this platform has become a staple app on many iPhones, Wei has suggested users decide to delete it. 

“Deleting the app could mean your battery charge lasting up to half a day longer than when having it installed,” Wei said. 

If you aren't ready to delete the app just yet, there are some tricks you can use to lower Snapchat’s data usage. 

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Business Insider has previously reported that turning on Snapchat’s “Travel Mode” and turning off the app’s “background App Refresh” in your iPhone settings will drastically reduce its battery usage. 

If you have deleted the app – or never downloaded it to begin with – and are still dealing with battery issues, it might be time to check if other apps are causing a problem. 

Popular social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can also take up to 20-25 percent of your iPhone’s battery, CEO of WREI.org Leon Bierhals told SheFinds.

“So if you’re looking to improve your iPhone’s battery life, deleting these three apps is a great place to start,” Bierhals said. 

iPhone users can check to see which apps take up the majority of their battery life over the last 24 hours or 10 days in their regular settings. 

To access this take the following steps: 

  • Open your iPhone settings
  • Select the Battery menu option
  • Select ‘Last 24 Hours’ or ‘Last 10 Days’
  • Scroll down to view the battery percentage different apps use

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