I'm a tech expert – two popular apps are draining your iPhone and deleting them gives battery and speed boost | The Sun

IF your iPhone is feeling slow or rapidly depleting its charge, some of your favorite apps could be responsible.

A tech expert has revealed how two common apps might be worth deleting from your device.

Nathan Plume, owner of Tech Guy Guide recently revealed the culprit apps to She Finds.

First on his list is Google Maps which he says puts a lot of pressure on smartphones.

The fact the app runs in the background means it can secretly drain your charge.

Plume told She Finds: "Ensure the app is updated for optimal performance.

"If you still have performance issues with your iPhone, I would suggest uninstalling the app."

If you don't want to delete the useful app, the tech expert has some more advice.

Plume added: "Try using the navigation with voice only so you do not need to keep the screen on.”

Secondly, Plume suggested deleting Facebook.

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Plume told She Finds: "Not only can the Facebook app slow down your iPhone, running in the background sending and receiving data, it also will use your data allowance in doing so.

"If you are on a limited data plan, this could be an additional worry you could do without.”

The tech expert isn't the only one flagging Facebook as a speed- draining app.

According to Uswitch, the Facebook and Facebook Messenger, apps are two of the "biggest drains on our batteries".

Facebook can run constantly in the background, accessing a wide range of permissions.

This is draining for your iPhone battery even when you think you're not using your phone that much.

You can either change your settings so the apps aren't refreshing in the background or you could delete them if you don't use them that often.

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