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AN APPLE expert has revealed that if your iPhone is regularly losing battery and can't hold a full charge for a long time, it could be because of a very common mistake.

The Apple expert revealed that poor battery performance can be caused by charging the device too much. 

Huzaifa Ahsan, a consultant with KodeKloud, recently told SheFinds that iPhone owners should avoid charging their devices to 100 percent. 

“As an iPhone user, you must not charge your iPhone at full as it negatively impacts your battery,” Ahsan said. 

It is an easy mistake to make, since many iPhone owners want to keep their device charged as much as possible as often as they can. 

While this might appear to prolong the device’s battery life in the short term, it actually hurts the device because of the type of battery it uses. 

“Lithium-ion batteries, commonly used in smartphones, have a limited lifespan that can be shortened through improper use,” Ahsan continued. 

“One of the primary factors in battery degradation is the practice of maintaining a constant high charge or regularly charging your iPhone to 100%.”

Keeping the device at a full charge for long periods of time can cause “excessive stress” on the lithium-ion battery, causing “faster degradation.” 

“This is because the chemical reactions within the battery that allow for energy storage and release can cause damage over time,” he said. 

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The Apple expert revealed that iPhone battery life should be kept between 20 to 80 percent for the best performance. 

Additionally, he recommended that when storing their device or leaving it idle, iPhone owners keep their smartphone charged to approximately 50 percent. 

“Doing so will help mitigate battery degradation and extend the lifespan of your iPhone’s battery,” Ahsan said. 

Taking care of your iPhone’s battery life is just one way to ensure that your device has a long lifespan. 

To further protect the battery, Apple has also warned users to avoid charging their device while it is in a case.

Some case materials can cause excessive heat when charging, affecting the battery’s longevity.

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