I'm an expert mechanic with 55 years experience – you should NEVER buy an EV second hand for key reason | The Sun

A CAR mechanic with years of experience has revealed there’s a key reason why you should never buy a second hand electric vehicle.

Scotty Kilmer took to his popular YouTube channel to advise you should never buy a used electric car at an auction.

He said: “Electric cars are so expensive to fix.

“If it’s at an auction there’s probably some serious problem.

“If the battery’s degraded… Phew, they’re expensive, they cost a fortune.

“Now you can get a manufacturer’s refurbished one for a couple of thousand, or something like that.

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“But they’re just repaired old batteries… and if it’s 12 years old and if it’s been refurbished it may last a year.

“It won’t have full power and you may only get 50-60 per cent.

“So unless you want to make a toy out of it, I’d run away from that thing.”

“I would never, ever buy any electric car at an auction.”

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He added that at an auction you can’t get an expert to check it out to make sure everything is working properly.

Scotty advised it was best to "stay well away.”

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