I’m fuming at builder who has parked on our drive three times and refuses to stop – people all agree with my revenge | The Sun

A DRIVER is fuming at a builder who has parked on their driveway three times and refuses to stop.

People in the comments love the revenge and think the builder should pay them for using their driveway.

The motorist is fuming after discovering that a builder has been using their driveway without permission.

The post was uploaded to Mumsnet by user @DuetCokeExtralce and the motorist asked people what to do in this situation.

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The post title reads: 'Builder parking revenge.'

They started the post by saying: "On Monday, there was a car we didn't recognise parked on our drive, but we were out and busy, so we didn't think much of it and it was gone by four.


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"Yesterday, the car was there again, but we didn't see the person park, so we had no idea who the owner was.

"I checked with our immediate neighbours and they have no idea.

"At about 4 o'clock, my husband was doing some stuff in the garage when the owner (a young guy in overalls) came to the car.

"Husband said, "this is our drive. You can't park here," and he said, "don't worry, I'm going now", and left."

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But the man didn't stop.

The Mumsnet user continued: "This morning, the car is there again.

"Luckily, a neighbour saw that he was doing building work a few doors down from us, so I went to the house.

"The owners weren't in, so I stuck my head around their door and asked them to move it.

"He rolled his eyes, took ages packing up something, then moved it onto the road right next to our drive (annoying but whatever)."

The Mumsnet user asked others what she should do about it.

"So my question is… if (I think it will) the same happens tomorrow, what do I do?

"My husband is out with the car today but won't be tomorrow, so I could block him in when I get back from the nursery run."

"A friend suggested nails in front of the tyres, but that's a bit much…

"I know it's petty, but if he does it again, I want revenge!"

Other Mumsnet users were quick to comment on the post.

One said: "Block him in and when he wants to leave, don’t answer the door or say your husband has gone out with the keys.

"And speak to the neighbour hiring him about his crappy behaviour."

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Another said: "Yeah, speak to the neighbour he's doing the work for.

"Mind you; they may have suggested using your drive as you're usually out during the day."

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