INCREDIBLE Smarty SIM-only deal gets you 50GB of data for £12 a month

If you already have a mobile phone, and you’re looking for a SIM plan to go with it, then you should definitely take a look at this deal from Smarty.

Originally, the 50GB of data it offered came at the cost of £15 – but Smarty has reduced that now to just £12. 

Along with the 50GB of data, you’ll also get unlimited minutes and texts – so you’re in no danger of racking up any expected surcharges, if you do tend to like a natter on the phone.

  • Smarty, 50GB data, unlimited minutes and texts, £15 £12 a month – buy from Smarty

You'll find cheaper SIM-only deals out there, but with far less monthly data.

This isn’t the only great deal on a 50GB plan out there – in fact, if you head over to, you can pick up an iD Mobile plan for just £9 a month.

  • iD Mobile, 50GB data, unlimited minutes and texts, £15 a month (£9 after cashback) – buy from 

However, in order to do that you’ll have to make sure you enter a cashback process.

This tariff is priced at £15 to begin with, and you’ll have to wait for the redemption before you get those £72 of savings.

These are both solid SIM-only deals, and should keep all but the greediest of data users happy.

Alternately, you could wait until Black Friday when we guarantee you’ll see the best SIM-only deals since, well, last Black Friday – but that’s not until the end of November.

Don’t miss our pick of the best SIM-only deals this month, where we’ve listed the best tariffs and plans out there. 

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