‘Ingraham Angle’ finds San Francisco vaccine mandates are hurting businesses

Vaccine mandates hurting businesses in San Francisco

Crossfit Golden Gate owner Danielle Rabkin tells ‘Ingraham Angle’ ‘I don’t feel the mandate makes this business safer’

Continuing her visit to San Francisco, Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Tuesday night spoke with a business owner about the impact of the city’s vaccine mandates. 

Danielle Rabkin, owner of the Crossfit Golden Gate gym, finds the mandates are making little sense, she told the host of “The Ingraham Angle.”

“I don’t feel the mandate makes this business safer,” Rabkin told Ingraham, expressing a view contrary to that of San Francisco city officials.

Rabkin said she saw a disconnect in the city trying to impose mandates on her business, which is built around the concept of making people more healthy.

“We’re dealing with a public health crisis, so boosting your immunity, getting cardiovascular stimulation, eating healthy – seems like it should be a focus, not alienating unvaccinated people from going to a gym,” she continued.

“You can go to Krispy Kreme and McDonald’s, but you can’t come to the gym?”

Ingraham also asked Rabkin how she would be able to distinguish between valid vaccination cards and counterfeit versions, if fake cards are presented by some of her customers.

“I actually wonder if the city is doing this for optics because they must know that there’s no way that me or my staff are going to be able to discriminate a fake card from a real card.”

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