Ingraham: Republicans must press Biden for hard timeline of post-COVID reopening

Ingraham: GOP must press Biden for hard timeline to reopen economy

‘Ingraham Angle’ host says Democrats will find any excuse to continue suppressing public, economy

Republicans must do all they can to pin down President-elect Joe Biden and his administration on the question of when the country’s economy will fully reopen and life return to normal as the coronavirus pandemic abates, Laura Ingraham said Friday.

“The Ingraham Angle” host argued that Democrats clearly used the outbreak as a cudgel against the Trump administration ahead of the 2020 presidential election. 

“We warned Democratic governors they were doing severe harm to local economies,” she said. “We urged Democrats in Congress to work with the president on relief bills.”

As a consequence, Ingraham said, neither Democrats nor the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci can be trusted to tell the American people the truth about the state of the pandemic.

“They [Democrats] are comfortable with the lockdowns and Zoom classes and government stimulus checks and want them to continue,” she said. “Now they have control of the federal government. All of its resources will be used to promote more masks, more lockdowns and other measures that will hurt the working class.”

To that end, Ingraham predicted, a Biden administration will happily use any excuse — a new virus variant, or a small outbreak somewhere — to keep the populace locked down and dependent on government money.

“They will send out Dr. Fauci to talk about new virus mutations and scare us about how much worse things will be if we don’t do what Biden and Dr. Fauci say,” she said.

“No Republican should vote for any more relief until Biden puts his cards on the table about reopening with exact details of how we will get our freedoms back. The GOP should ask for details about how long the security measures will stay in place.”

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