Interior expert urges homeowners to ‘say goodbye’ to popular trend

Styled UK share tips on best interior colour combinations

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Interior trends are a matter of taste with certain colours, textures and soft furnishings not being everyone’s cup of tea. There are particular trends, maximalism for example, which may not suit everyone’s homes while others can be tailored to a plethora of different spaces and room sizes.

If you’re looking for interior inspiration or you’re simply intrigued about this year’s trends, an expert has shared which trend to avoid and which ones are set to be popular in 2023.

Shanade McAllister-Fisher, an award-winning interior designer based in West London, has shared the one trend homeowners should “say goodbye to” in 2023.

Shanade said the popular interior trend people should avoid this year is “minimalism”.

Minimalism is the opposite of maximalist decor which is all about embracing excess with lots of colour, loud patterns and plenty of texture.

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Minimalism is simple with clean lines and a monochromatic palette. Colour is only really used as an accent or to highlight the interior.

The look usually involves an open floor plan, lots of natural light and functional furniture.

Shanade explained: “Minimalism will be set aside as we move away from cooler, sterile living to more natural and more ornate styles that put comfort at the forefront.

“Flat, shiny materials like glass and acrylic in whites and greys will be swapped out for warmer, natural tones and textures like sage greens, off-whites, wicker and marble to create inviting spaces that won’t overwhelm the senses or feel devoid of life.”

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Shanade also shared her interior trend predictions for 2023 which include bright colours and vintage decor.

Bright and vibrant

Shanade said 2023 is going to be all about bright colours rather than cooler shades. She highlighted that oranges, reds and warmer tones would be particularly popular.

She said: “We’re starting to see a shift from the cooler tones of recent years to more warm and vibrant shades of red and orange which can add a spicy, playful pop of colour to your interiors.

“If you’re not ready to commit to a whole red statement wall, pull in this colour using accent pieces, such as throw cushions on sofas, seats on dining chairs or wall hangings.

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“This works especially well in more neutral rooms with the contrast between the tones perfect for drawing the eye to focal pieces such as a gallery wall or statement sofa.”


Homeowners need to get ready for a throwback in 2023 with granny-chic and chintzy looks making a comeback.

Vintage fashion has already made a bit of a comeback with remakes of popular films and games from the eighties and nineties being spotted both last year and in 2023.

Shanade said: “Vintage fashion is in, and with remakes of our favourite eighties or nineties games, TV, and film on the rise even our interiors are all about getting that nostalgic feel.

“But this doesn’t mean grabbing your Grandma’s mid-century side tables.

“Nostalgic interiors will be moving away from the popular kitsch and retro designs of the 50s and going more chintzy – think granny-chic with lace details, soft florals, and dark lacquered wood.

“Incorporate items into your usual style that give a nod to times gone by, such as vintage photos in colourful picture frames on a gallery wall or a studded leather sofa adorned with jewel-toned pillows.”

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