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APPLE experts have revealed how to preserve the battery life of your iPhone.

Tech experts shared simple ways to instantly prolong your iPhone's life with She Finds.

The first trick to make your iPhone battery last longer is to limit app refreshes.

Tech expert Robert Warner explained how this is one of the best ways to prolong battery life.

"Your device’s battery life will suffer significantly if all of your downloaded apps are set to automatically renew themselves in the background," he told the outlet.

"You can control the background app refresh by going to Settings and then selecting General from the menu that appears. Choose to refresh the background applications from that menu.”

Warner then advised looking through all of the apps that help the background refresh setting active.

 “Spend some time going through the list and deselecting all of the applications that do not require being active in the background while you are not using them, such as YouTube, Stocks, and Weather,” he said.

“This will help you save battery life.”

In addition to being an iPhone expert, Warner is an official member of the Forbes Agency Council and the head of marketing at VirtualValley.

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The next expert tip to extend your iPhone's battery life is to modify your email setting so that you are fetching emails instead of pushing them through.

According to Tech Expert Kavin Patel, pushed emails use more battery power because emails are received constantly.

Instead, fetched emails save battery life by only sending you the notices during a selected time.

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To change this setting, go to Settings, then select Mail, Contacts and Calendars.

Then select Fetch New Data, and switch the setting from Push to Fetch or Manual.

“For every 15 minutes or 30 minutes, for example, you may program Fetch to check for new emails on your iPhone at that time period," the expert told the outlet.

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"The battery life will be prolonged by setting the interval to a longer time."

"The program will only check for fresh email when launched with the manual set to ‘Always.’”

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