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APPLE has admitted another fault with its iOS 17 software that has been spooking iPhone owners: screen burn-in.

Since the launch of the iPhone 15 lineup at the beginning of September, Apple has had to fend of numerous reports of issues from customers.

This includes the well reported overheating problem.

But there have been sporadic reports of severe screen burn-in, according to MacRumours, that appears on phones as a sort of 'ghost'.

For example, if the keyboard has been on the screen for a lengthy amount of time, it leaves a ghostly trace of itself on the screen even when you've clicked off iMessage.

The same goes for the app library, that some iPhone owners have wrongly seen appearing through other displays, such as their Settings.



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It's an issue that commonly affects older TVs.

The spooky problem isn't just affecting iPhone 15 owners, but iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro devices too.

The technical hitch emerged alongside iOS 17, which Apple debuted not long after the iPhone 15 launch.

According to Apple, the problem lies in the iOS 17 software, where a bug mimicked screen burn-in.

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The tech company said it has found and addressed the issue in its upcoming update iOS 17.1.

The update has not yet been rolled out to iPhone users by Apple officially.

Some users can of course get their hands on it as part of the beta test.

However, Apple is expected to release it to customers sometime before October 24.

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