I’ve been driving EVs at work for 10 YEARS but I would NEVER buy one for myself – here’s why | The Sun

A MAN who has been driving EVs at work for ten years has revealed why he would never buy one for himself.

Craig Lewis, 61, is a transport boss at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory in Didcot, Oxfordshire.

He uses a Mercedes EQV to drive boffins from Heathrow Airport to the massive lab, which makes lasers and spaceship parts – and predicts disasters months in advance.

But Craig says that EVs sputter out in bad weather – and that drivers end up stranded if there is a queue for chargers.

Craig said: "You get good mileage on these, but it’s very much weather dependent.

"When it’s warm and you don’t have to use heating, I have taken it 290 miles.

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"On the other hand, I’m sure you could get it below 150 miles.

He added: "I’ve had problems with charging stations when they’re out of action or when there’s queues.

"When there’s lots of vehicles, you don’t know how to address who goes next – there’s no way to tell.

"The other thing that’s annoying is that they don’t put the output on the machines."

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Craig added that he would never buy an EV himself – despite driving one every day.

He said: "I think at present I would go for a plug-in hybrid.

"I never thought I’d say that. But not an electric vehicle – they’re not quite there yet.

"I’m not convinced it’s the future. It’s like records to CDs to MP3… I haven’t been convinced it’s sustainable yet.

"I’m not convinced it’s the way forward."

It comes after Tesla slashed the price of popular EV models in a bid to boost sales.

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