I've been using an amazing iPhone hack for 12 years and almost no one knows it exists | The Sun

IF YOU never want to miss an important phone call again, then you need to utilize this iPhone feature right now.

The handy tip was shared on TikTok in a one-minute-and-thirteen-second long reel by a woman named Brittany Laura.

Brittany began the video by sharing an anecdote with her followers: "So I see this post constantly on Instagram and Twitter that's like 'if you sleep with your phone on silent, you don't give a s*** about no one.'

"And it really makes me wonder, do people not know about the Emergency Bypass feature on iPhone?

"I have been using Emergency Bypass since like 2009, and then when I talk to people about this no one knows what it is."

She then began to expand on the feature: "So if you go into someone's setting, where their ringtone is, you can just flip on Emergency Bypass."

"It will ring through your phone being on silent for that contact – even if you're phone is on Do Not Disturb."

"You can turn it on for one contact, no contacts, whatever, I'm just letting you all know that this feature exists."

What is Emergency Bypass?

Emergency Bypass basically lets you personalize the Do Not Disturb (DND) tool on your iPhone.

By default, DND does not notify you of any calls or messages, however, with Emergency Bypass, you can select which of your contacts can override this mode.

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How to set up 'Emergency Bypass'

To enable this function, first open Contacts and select the person you wish to set it up for.

Then go into that person's Contact Card > Edit > Ringtone.

Once you see Emergency Bypass, toggle it 'on', and then hit Done.

To disable it, simply follow the aforementioned instructions and toggle the feature 'off'.

Since Brittany's reel went live on TikTok it has raked more than 300 likes and several comments.

"Awesome thanks I didn't know about that feature at all," one user said under the post.

"Well, thanks, hun! I hate random calls and notifications," a second user added.

"Thanks for sharing this info," a third TikTok user chimed in.

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