Jared and Ivanka Buy Multimillion-Dollar Miami Property as White House Remains Mum on Family's 2021 Plans

Add Florida to the list of possible post-Washington, D.C., residences for Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, along with the Northeast.

The couple, both senior aides to President Donald Trump, have purchased a multimillion-dollar undeveloped lot just outside Miami Beach, PEOPLE confirms. (Page Six was first to report the news.)

At the same time, the president's golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, is seeking local approval for another round of construction — including major renovation of the "Kushner cottage" there — according to documents reviewed by PEOPLE.

The expansion of the Kushner cottage (identified as such in the application prepared for city regulators) would include new bedrooms, a new bathroom, a new mudroom, a new study and a new veranda on the first floor, as well as other upgrades.

The application is pending a hearing next month, documents show.

Whether such moves signal a decision about Ivanka and Kushner's destination after D.C. remains unclear. A spokeswoman for Ivanka, 39, declined to comment on the record; the real estate agent for the new Florida property said she couldn't comment.

Indeed, while President Trump refuses to acknowledge his election defeat, the White House has — publicly — been mum about what the first family plans to do next.

Ivanka and Kushner, also 39, currently live in D.C. with their three young children, having relocated from N.Y.C. in 2017 (where they still maintain a residence).

A source close to them previously told PEOPLE that there were several options available, painting a rosy picture of life outside the West Wing, where they became both conservative darlings and the focus of years of criticism.

"I think they're very aware of what's going on and will probably take some time thinking about what comes next," this source said in the days after the Nov. 3 election.

"They're not like a traditional family that immediately needs to figure out their next move," the source said, adding, "They gave four years of extremely hard work and energy. They've got a young family, they've got a lot to figure out — where they want to live and what avenues they want — but there's no rush."

The source close to them boasted in November of what they called Kushner's international connections and Ivanka's following, particularly with conservative women, born out of their work on Middle East relations, criminal justice reform and workplace and family issues.

This source also shrugged off the scrutiny the couple might face returning to the society circles that soured on the Trump administration.

"Politics is a very very tough, difficult business but things are not forever," they said. "People don't have positions that are eternal. And I think already the rhetoric is going to drop. The people in New York — what did they want? They wanted a Biden victory, and that looks like that's where it's headed."

"The magnifying glass, when you're out of the government, someone else gets the magnifying glass — and now it's Biden and Harris," says the source, "and good luck to them."

As the end of the president's term draws nearer, some things are becoming more clear: Sources told PEOPLE last week that the private residences at the family's Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida, were being upgraded while First Lady Melania Trump looked at schools in the area for teenage son Barron.

The Trumps are expected to spend a majority of their time in Palm Beach and divide the remainder of the year between other properties like Bedminster and Trump Tower in New York City, insiders said last week.

A White House source said that “the Trump family has many homes and they will be traveling between them.”

• With reporting by VIRGINIA CHAMLEE

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