Laura Ingraham’s Fox News Guest Cracks Jokes About CNN Anchors With Coronavirus

Fox News host Laura Ingraham and contributor Raymond Arroyo on Wednesday night mocked CNN anchors who have contracted the coronavirus, suggesting they were acting like reality TV personalities in publicly documenting their recoveries.

“There seems to be a deliberate attempt to graft a slew of CNN anchors onto this COVID crisis,” Arroyo said. “A number of them have contracted the virus and emoted their personal experiences. It almost appears they’ve launched a series of new reality shows. You could call this one ‘Are You Sicker Than a CNN Anchor?’”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Brooke Baldwin each have provided regular on-air updates following their positive diagnoses.

Continued Arroyo:

Laura, the self-referential emoting is what is so daunting. People are dying and losing their livelihoods. Chances are, young and healthy anchors will not succumb to the disease. And to keep this narrative going every night that’s so personal, it is disturbing. Because you lose all perspective. It is great to have perspective, but to become the story is a big problem here. And CNN really should tamp down their personal stories.

Ingraham agreed.

The two cable personalities later said they were glad CNN’s anchors were now recovering from the disease, which has killed more than 47,000 people nationwide.

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